Back And Bicep Workout Routine & 8 Effective Exercises For Muscle Gain

Back and bicep workout is an effective workout for your upper body. With this amazing workout, you can sculpt your back and build your biceps as you desire.

You will know about several best beneficial back and bicep workouts in this article. This is a muscle-building workout that consists of four sets of exercises and adheres to the “hypertrophy approved” 8-12 range of repetition.

You will complete it for six weeks before mixing things up to see real and true muscle-building gains with long-lasting and extraordinary results.

Why Do Back And Bicep Workout Together?

If we look at a good back and bicep workout routine, training both your biceps and your back at the same time will give you extraordinary results and makes perfect sense. Your back is one of the most important muscle groups in all scenarios if you talk about bodybuilding.

‘If you want to win a bodybuilding competition then they mostly win from the back,’ as many trainers claim.

It is critical to devote one workout solely to your back if we look at results. Many workouts are divided into four routine types.

These sections may include triceps and chest with legs, back and bicep, calves, and in the end shoulders. You will only need several types of compound exercises to complete your biceps workout according to this workout routine.

Pre-workouts are as important as actual workout routines for muscle building. You can read our detailed article on how long does pre-workout last.

Back And Bicep Workout

Back And Bicep Workout Routine Explained

You begin with the exercises that you must understand how your back and bicep muscles are formed to prevent wrong workouts.

You will have a better ‘mind-muscle’ connection if you know how the muscle looks and how it should be like. So, below are the exercises that you will need for your back and bicep workout:


  • Begin by pulling yourself up with your hands shoulder-width apart or in a wide grip.
  • Squeeze at the top of your lats with your elbows.
  • When you begin to be tired and feel like you cannot do another round of sets, you should grab a resistance band for extra support.


Lat Pull-Down

In this exercise, you begin with little weights and you get a good warmup to your back, shoulders, and arms.

You should not lean back too far while you are performing the lat pulldown. Must try to keep your back straight while you are leaning back slightly. When you go up then stretch your lats and try to pull the bar down.

The thing you will notice or the point to be noted is that this exercise will focus on the lats and a small portion of rhomboids.

A standard lat pulldown machine will be found in most gyms. You could, however, perform the same exercise on a specific machine, as you will experience.


Bent Over Barbell Row

  • Concentrate on keeping your core tight as you bend over.
  • You must pull the barbell into your belly button with each rep.
  • Extend your legs slightly past your knees while keeping your back straight.

Bent Over Barbell Row

Bent-Over Dumbbell Row

This exercise will target the entire of your back and it requires a lot of motivation and passion to be done.

You can do this exercise easily and you can perform it with dumbbells or barbells as you prefer.

The barbell row is one of the best back muscle builders. As It was the favorite exercise of Dorian Yates to bulk up his back.

Bent Over Dumbbell Row

T-Bar Rows

T-bar rows target everything from the lats and traps to the shoulder and pulling muscles, as well as the biceps.

  • Working your one arm at one time will help you in strengthening each of the sides individually.
  • If you want to train both of your arms at once, use a close grip handle for a better back and bicep workout.

T-Bar Rows

Barbell Biceps Curl

You should use drop set technique to make your biceps hard in this exercise, and this will help you in your back and bicep workout:

  • You can do it with the heaviest weight that you may lift and do it for 10 repetitions.
  • Now, instantly you can drop down to the next lightweight and do more than 10 repetitions.

Try not to let your weight get in the way of proper form. When performing these exercises, you should try to keep your elbows in and squeeze as much as possible to isolate your biceps.

Barbell Biceps Curl

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

You should choose a weight that you can do 10 reps without affecting your form for this exercise. Remember that you will have to do another biceps exercise right after this one which will require focus. So, be prepared.

Dumbbell Hammer Curl

Rope curl cable

  • First of all, squeeze at the top and bring your wrists out so that will help your thumbs face forward for peak contraction.
  • You have to focus to keep your elbows in and try your upper arms stationary throughout your movement.

Rope curl cable


At the present, training your back and bicep workout at the same time is quite common in today’s bodybuilding workout routines everywhere in the world. To maximize your muscle gains, you must follow a good workout routine. Best of Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work out back and biceps?

Yes, you can work out back and biceps. It can save your time and be an efficient way to make a perfect body.

Can you do back and biceps on the same day?

Yes, you can do a back and biceps game on the same day and after two days of interval.

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