Black Bullet Season 2 – Characters, Storyline & Trailer 2022

Black Bullet is a Japanese, science fiction anime movie clinging on the light novel pattern under a similar title. Shiden Kanzaki is the author, and Saki Ukai is the producer of the anime series. We have the uplifting report for Black Bullet Season 2 fans. The authority claim for the 2nd season was at long last made. It is currently standing out as truly newsworthy across media and the web and also the fans query about the Black Bullet Season 2 confirmation. Presently I will be offering you all more insights regarding the update and when you could anticipate that it should begin circulating.

Will Black Bullet Have A Season 2?

Years have gone by since season 1 ended. The fans of the series are dangling to know about Black Bullet Season 2 news.  We expect the 2nd season much closer in 2021. We will also view the manga series as the story will probably continue with the last known point of interest.

On July 10, 2011, Black Bullet Season 1 under Dengeki Bunko got on the screens of ASCII Media Work. The story centers on the issue of humankind that parasitic disease Gastrea has caused. The anime is a collection of the battles of the group of Rentarō Satomi to protect Tokyo and the rest of the world from Gastrea.

This manga aired on screens from August 2012 to June 2014. Orange and Kinema Citrus studio, An anime Tv production presented its 13 displays altogether in 3 months. Fans liked the anime and are sitting tight for the second portion from that point forward. Continue to pursue the sci-fi action series Black Bullet Season 2.

The Storyline Of Season 1

According to a story, Gastrea is a parasitic virus. In 2021, there is an endemic of Gastrea, compelled to live inside the Monolith walls. These fences are made from Varanium: a metal that can stifle Gastrea. Before long, youngsters brought into the world with the Gastrea virus and got superhuman capacities are found and named Cursed Children. Because of Gastrea’s mediation, the Cursed Children must be female. Common Securities, framed to practice battling against Gastrea. These securities are serving in the pair of Initiator and a Promoter, helping to lead the revilers. The Initiator is vilifying, children. Rentaro was a secondary school pupil. After ten years of the scourge, Rentaro Satomi, alongside his Initiator, Enju Aihara, directs missions to hinder the demolition of Tokyo and the rest of the world. He is also a Promoter in Tendo Civil Security Agency possessed by his beloved companion Kisara Tendo.

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black bullet season 1

Is Black Bullet Season 2 Confirmed?

Black Bullet Season 1 finished in full swing. Thus, many pondered according to predictions that some material is left in the manga novel backstory and the Kinema Citrus studios will present it in season 2. Fortunately, Kinema Citrus Orange fripSide has expressed that they are searching forward briefly and asking; is season 2 coming?

Black Bullet Season 2 Confirmed

Is Black Bullet Season 2 Out?

After getting some data on the potential delivery date of Black Bullet Season 2, Kinema Citrus leaders expressed that it won’t be before mid-2020. So in this way, season 2 is at last occurring and will air somewhere near July 2020.

As Kinema Citrus studios will give the plot and characters, we will update you about it. Those who are thinking black bullet season 2 was canceled due to any reason, must wait for the news. Let’s see below what happened next!

Black Bullet Season 2 Release Date

Fans of the manga series waited for 6 years, from 2014 to 2020. Unfortunately, the show was delayed for unknown reasons. People came to know that Kinema/Citrus Studio is presenting the show in July 2020. However, as you may have seen, it has gone almost a year more for the release date. So we didn’t hear anything. Yet, there has been nothing to show in media and papers about the Black Bullet Season 2 release date.  However, the significant rundown of anime versions is put off by the pandemic. We can, in any case, be confident of seeing the show very soon.

Expected Story of Black Bullet Season 2?

Kinema Studio delivered the primary season, and recently, the Studio has declared on its Twitter official page that they are anticipating the subsequent season. The significant thing for another season transformation is generally source materials. Most anime that surface with their subsequent seasons are generally impacted by their unadapted source materials and the fan’s interest factor. However, the creation group has effectively settled the issue and declared that Black Bullet Season 2 would be doubtlessly returning. We hope that the season 2 episodes will have more action.

Production of Black Bullet Anime Season 2

Kinema Studio created the main season, and of late, the Studio has reported on its Twitter official page that they are anticipating the subsequent season. The critical thing for another season variation is normally source materials. Most anime that surface with their subsequent seasons are normally affected by the deals of their unadapted source materials and the fan’s interest factor. Yet, for this particular series, the creation group has effectively settled the issue and reported that the show would be returning.

Black Bullet Season 2 Episode 1 English Dubbed

This movie was a counterpart of the Black Bullet manga novel, so Season 2 will take out where the anime left off. It is set in 2021 when ten years have passed since the flare-up of the destructive Gastrea infection, which assaults human DNA and transforms them into beasts. With the Varanium metal, people can protect themselves. These Varanium walls have been brought together to cover Tokyo and the people living there. However, things deteriorated when it was found that pregnant ladies who got tainted by the infection brought forth pampers with superhuman forces perceived as reviled kids. This is the spot where Season 2 will grow further. Afterward, black bullet season 2 episode 1 english dubbed will make its momentum.

People Comments on Black Bullet Season that how these superhumans mix into the common human culture. How would they battle against the virus and its harms? What’s more, what will happen to these youngsters? Indeed, I surmise we will discover when the dubbed version of the season 2 debuts. A fascinating new development is probably going to be created from this.

Streaming Points for the Anime Series

Black Bullet Season 1 is accessible in English Dubbing and Subtitles on Amazon Prime. So, even Black Bullet Season 2 will be accessible across similar stages. Right now, no updates on English dubbed scenes. Yet, of course, they will probably deliver sometime after the subbed scenes for season 2 get delivered.


We know everyone is waiting for and expecting the show to return in the near future. Many of us want to see just a Black Bullet Season 2 Trailer to feel repose as the anime is coming. But there is no revelation of any PV or Black Bullet Season 2 Trailer. So you have to wait some more until the trailer gets aired.

Characters Of Season 1

Rentarō Satomi

Rentarō Satomi is the hero of anime. Yūki Kaji sounds like him in the Japanese language; however, Chris Patton is the vocalist in English. Rentarō is a high school boy and Promoter in Tendō Civil Security. He battles the Gastrea and helps reviled youngsters.

Rentarō Satomi

Enju Aihara

Enju Aihara is among the Cursed Children. Rina Hidaka sounds like her in the Japanese language. However, Luci Christian is the English vocalist. She acts as the Model Rabbit Initiator of Rentaro in Civil Security of Tendo. Later she grew tired heading for Rentarō.

Enju Aihara

Kisara Tendō

Kisara Tendō is the head character of Tendō Civil Security. Yui Horie sounds her in the Japanese language, and English Christina Kelly is the vocalist. She was cherished as the companion of Rentarō. Kisara lost her folks to Gastrea. She is a specialist in Tendo one-on-one fighting.

Kisara Tendō

Tomoyo Kurosawa

Tomoyo Kurosawa sounded like Tina Sprout in the Japanese language, and Caitlynn French is the English vocalist. She turned into an individual from Tendō Civil Security and got induced in towards Rentarō like Enju. However, she frequently quarrels with her to seize declaration.

Indeed, different characters will get back from Season 2. We may also meet new characters.

Tomoyo Kurosawa


The news got meld reviews from anime fans. The crowd liked the visual craftsmanship and soundtracks. But, if they are not content with updating the anime plan and storyline, it wouldn’t be nice! The storyline is novel yet has some open twists that may get interlaced in Black Bullet Season 2. However, it is a lovely anime. Crooks and twists will stay caught through the anime.

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