Ocean Beaches Near Tennessee

Arkabutla Lake Beach, Mississippi | The Closest Beach To Memphis

Arkabutla Lake Beach is the closest beach to Memphis, which is about a 43-minute drive. It is a famous swimming beach and highlights many conveniences.

Best Recreation

Make the most of your speedy sea shore escapes from Memphis at Arkabutla Lake Beach. Here, you can invest quality energy with your companions or family by doing a huge load of exercises together. For instance;

  • You can stay by the shore
  • Make sandcastles with your kids
  • Take silly pictures together
  • Sprinkle around in the reviving water
  • Play fun games like catching or tossing a frisbee around

You can have an exciting water experience by doing exercises like kayaking, ski-drifting, floating, paddling, cruising, and much more on ocean beaches near Tennessee.

Points To Remember

There are excursion shields close to Arkabutla Lake Beach, the closest beach to Memphis. You can hold it for a little charge to get rid of hassle duty. It is more helpful than putting down a towel and eating by the shore, especially if you travel with a large group or more youthful children.

Arkabutla Lake Beach

Dauphin Island West End Beach | Alabama Ocean Beaches Near Tennessee

Do you know what’s the closest ocean beach to Nashville? Yes, it is from Memphis to Dauphin Island! Dauphin Island West End Beach, the best beach close to Memphis, is a dazzling coastline found on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico. It features fine white sand, perfect water, and unending oceanfront views.

Best Recreation

If you are visiting the ideal spot for your trivial end of the week seaside trips on the closest beach to Memphis. Then, at that point, pack your things and take your loved ones to Dauphin Island West End Beach. There are huge loads of exercises you can do on your journey to Dauphin Island West End Beach. Like;

  • Stream skiing
  • Paddle boarding
  • Boogie boarding

The open shoreline is ideal for tanning and making models or palaces out of the delicate sand.

Points to Remember

Dauphin Island West End Beach is also among the closest beaches to Memphis. It has an office offering beach gear rentals. So if you would not favour packing cumbersome things, you have the alternative to pay in this Memphis to dauphin island for seats, umbrellas, paddleboards, etc.

Dauphin Island West End Beach

Big Ridge State Park Beach, Tennessee

Big Ridge State Park Beach is kept up and has pristine, delicate water, a sandy shoreline, a yard region, and numerous entertainment.

Best Recreation

Big Ridge State Park Beach is a family beach. It offers the most secure seashore for youngsters to visit. This closest beach to Memphis is practically similar to a freshwater pool because the floor has a large base explicitly intended to guard your kids. There is additionally a reserved region where you find the more profound bits of the lake.

This best beach close to Memphis has a sandy coast where moms can help their children make sandcastles, work on their tan, play fun rounds of seashore volleyball, etc.

Points To Remember

If you want some quick, sporty activities, Big Ridge State Park has huge loads of different alternatives for you to attempt, for example,

  • Softball fields
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Ball courts
  • Tennis courts
  • Bounty more!

Big Ridge State Park Beach

Rock Island State Park Beach, Tennessee

Rock Island State Park Beach is the lovely closest beach to Memphis. This Memphis city beach is distinguished for its worth and charming view.

Best Recreation

Rock Island State Park Beach is perhaps the prettiest seashore in Tennessee. It highlights completely clear waters, wonderful cliffs shrouded in vegetation, and a brilliant coast.This beautiful beach offers a quiet spot for you to gather yourself and loosen up in the core of nature.

  • Relax as you get in the radiance of the sun
  • Work on your natural color
  • Swim
  • Read a novel
  • Pay attention to music
  • Take photographs of nature

Another comfortable movement you can enjoy on this closest beach to Memphis is going for a boat ride along the stream and getting a charge out of tasting reviving drinks.

Points to Remember

Don't leave Rock Island State Park without climbing through the path and up to a dazzling cascade to make the most out of your inclination retreat in Memphis city beach.

Rock Island State Park Beach

Old Kuttawa Recreation Beach | Nearest To Kentucky

You can explore Old Kuttawa Recreation beach, the Memphis, TN beach, on Lake Barkley's northern beaches. It is the best seashore for swimming in light of its spotless, quiet, and shallow waters with a sandy base.

Best Recreation

Old Kuttawa Recreation Area Beach is the ideal objective if you're searching close by lakeshores to take your friends and family, and companions. In addition, this freshwater seashore is a sporting area of interest where you can appreciate various fun exercises, both ashore and in the water. At the sandy shoreline, you can chip away at your tan, make up for lost time playing fun games with your children, make sandcastles, have a beachfront outing, read a novel, etc. The cool water is extraordinary for swimming, pushing your little ones on floaties, showing your babies how to swim, and the sky's the limit from there.

Points to Remember

Old Kuttawa Recreation Area, the closest beach to Memphis, has a lot to bring to the table for you and your family. Expand your beach excursion! You can enjoy activities like playing;

  • B-ball
  • Volleyball
  • Fishing
  • Climbing through the pleasant path
  • Taking your children to a jungle gym

Old Kuttawa Recreation Beach

Orange Beach

Orange Beach is a little city on Alabama's Gulf Coast. It is the closest Florida beach to Memphis. It's known as a water sports center point. Situated on Wolf Bay, Waterfront Park has a fishing harbor and outing regions. Though it is not the closest beach to Memphis, the Orange Beach Indian and Sea Museum explores Native American and fishing history. Toward the west, The Wharf is a shopping region with a theatre. The Backcountry Trail wraps the orange beach city through Gulf State Park's seashores in the nearby city of Gulf Shores. The driving distance from Memphis to Orange beach is 7 hr via US-45.

Orange Beach