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Death Parade, also called Desu Parēdo in Japan, is a subjective anime movie and anime television series like Steins Gate. Many people think air hockey, darts, or tenpins are poor game status. So, in this anime, those games will settle your destiny after death. So, embrace the eternity in Death Parade Season 2, where just a barrier divides your soul from slipping into the void or starting the reincarnation cycle.  In this article, we will highlight the Death Parade Season 2 release date, explain the season 1 storyline, and also insight on the ending.

Central Points Of Season 1; Will Death Parade Season 2 Be Same?

Decim is the master of the bar. He is the authority of the afterlife. In the game, he puts every combo of dead people facing each other. Finally, the champion will join the cycle of reincarnation. However, the failure will drop into the void. Afterward, a character comes who will address his plans of managing the afterlife. Let’s see what Madhouse has decided for Death Parade Season 2.

Death Parade Season 2

Production Of Death Parade Season 1 And Death Parade Season 2

This death note anime is produced, written, and governed by Yuzuru Tachikawa and studio Madhouse. The show was generated from an anime short film named Death Billiards. Death Billiards showcased on television on March 2, 2013. After a couple of years of the movie release, on January 10, 2015, Death Billiards Season 1 came to viewers’ screens. Since that time, movie fans have been expecting to hear about its Death Parade Season 2. Below, we are going to discuss everything we grasp about the chances of Season 2 so far and discuss whether the death parade has season 2 or not.

Death Parade Season 2 Release Date | Is Season 2 Confirmed?

As you know, Death Parade season 1 came on-screen on January 10, 2015, in Japan and ran on-screen till March 28, 2015. Afterward, it was announced in 2016 that Madhouse, the show studio, wants to produce a season 2. They said to release Death Parade Season 2 in Fall 2017 or spring 2018. However, 3 years have gone by. There is no report on what fortune happened to the movie. The release date is still a mystery and no one of us knows Death Parade Season 2 confirmed date.

So, as it looks, it seems that the production is set on hold and season 2 might not appear out soon. Maybe the show is in production and comes out in the coming days. On the other hand, Death Parade Season 2 production might begin in 2021. But there is no news on what is going on backstage, so it is not official. We’re having our eyes on the news about Season 2 of Death Parade and will update this part as we discover something about it. On a certain note, Madhouse didn’t declare about canceling the famous anime series either, so followers can put their hopes flying.

Death Parade: Plot And Ending Explained

Death Parade soap anime has a novel premise in which one that dies is flung to secret bars pressed by keepers who work as the arbiters of lives. The dead ones have to join Death Games with the arbiter in these bars. The dead soul acts in the game to judge whether he or she will reincarnate or go to the void.

Just like Kenzou Tenma in Death Note, in this display, the anime centers on a bar named the Quindecim and the bartender, Decim. The Decim part is to rule the souls that come to his bar. Every episode of Death Parade has diverse characters given to Decim’s bar. Thus Decim then links the character in Death Games before judging his or her soul.

Decim receives the soul kindly and asks them to confront him in a game whenever anyone comes to the Quindecim. The souls’ thoughts are sealed off, and they have no choice. Initially, everyone looks frightened, but they finally accept to play. Despite this, there are some rules to adhere to while playing these games:

  1. Decim cannot show them where they stay.
  2. Roulette will decide, hence it’s a chance which game it appears to be.
  3. Decim and the soul both must stake their beings on the game.
  4. No one in Decim and the player can drop until they end the game.

The deceased memories were sealed when they began the game but resurfaced while playing. This phase often leads to several emotional rejoinders. Some of them undergo emotional collapses and some catch stress. However, many players also convert to violence. The game’s point is to carry out the most acute in them so that Decim can assess their souls. Regardless, the games serve their purpose well.

Decim is an expert at his work and rules all the souls who reach into the Quindecim. However, when he faces an unusual black-haired lady, his story catches a fantastic turn. The meeting disturbs Decim, and he begins to suspect his rulings.

We come to know that Nona manages the bartenders and arbiter systems in the Death Parade world between all the movies. Besides, Oculus, the producer of the arbitration policy, perceives all the floors. However, in the last episode, it appears that Oculus is a poor puppet. Hence, we yet don’t understand who draws the chain in the afterlife world.

In the last episode of the series, Decim managed to reincarnate Chiyuki. Chiyuki searches for a new life and Decim resides in the bar to welcome new souls. However, they both finally left. Do you like the Death Parade ending explained? Let us see its connection to season 2. Meanwhile, search Death Parade for more info.

Death Parade Plot And Ending Explained

Predictions About Death Parade Season 2

According to different news, the producers may review the season for anime lovers. But, on the other hand, we may see the authors the Decim’s origin and life story reflecting as author’s decides.

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Death Parade Season 2 Episode 1

I hope you like the Death Parade ending explained above. We can assume death parade season two episode 1 would be a bit suspenseful. Besides, the sequel Season 2 may present various other spots where Decim or other arbiters reveal human emotions. While on many floors in the Death Parade world, the next section can also center around some other bars. Let’s see what Madhouse will come up with in episode 1.

Ending Note

Now, what do you expect? Do you wish to view Decim or anything more or in the prospect? Don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comment section below. Let us wait for the release date and make a sweet wish that there will be a death parade season 2. Meanwhile you can also checkout the video below, I found this interesting video on YouTube regarding the storyline and facts relating to this amazing manga show.

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