Downtown Gainesville | Best Places And Things To Do In Gainesville

Although this is famed as the home of the University of Florida, Downtown Gainesville is much more than that. The downtown skyline is stunning, & it has a long history and most of its wild woods and wetlands have still been meticulously protected.

It’s the best place to visit for those who love nature, arts & explore new people and communities.

Gainesville is a vibrant university town with plenty of things to do out there for adventurous tourists. It has various stores and cafes, dining areas, supermarkets, shopping malls, boutiques, galleries, casinos, and pubs. If you like to let yourself go, you won’t be short on options.

Best Places To Visit In Downtown Gainesville

You may well be confused about where to begin. What are the best places to visit in Downtown’s Gainesville & Downtown Gainesville, things to do? We have got you covered.

In this article, we are going to list all the places worth visiting in Gainesville.

The Cade Museum

The Cade Museum in Downtown Gainesville is an advanced museum to support innovativeness and cultivate creativity and imagination.

The Sweat Lab is a permanent part of the museum on South Main Street. However, it also has a temporary Robot exhibition area.

The rest of the area in the structure is devoted to dynamic workshops wherein people can design their own 3D robots or develop new things. This is the best go-to place for those who love technology and innovations.

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The Cade Museum

Morningside Nature Center Downtown Gainesville

If you want to get away from the city and reconnect with nature, visit the Morningside Nature Center Gainesville.

The Morningside nature center spans approximately 260 acres of pines and includes a well-developed channel of strolling and walking trails. You can find various tracks and slides and select any of the well-marked routes and brick streets you want to discover.

Morningside Nature Center Downtown Gainesville

Downtown Gainesville Arcade Bar

Visiting the Arcade bar should also be among the Downtown Gainesville things to do. If you are 21 years old or above, the Arcade Bar offers entertaining stuff to do at nighttime.

It has various classic and contemporary activities for customers to enjoy while they wait for their drinks at the bar.

This downtown bar is well-spaced with beautiful architecture, providing that attendees don’t feel crowded when playing or having fun.

The more intense activities are usually on the top as well as bottom floors, while the arcade-style activities are on the ground level.  This keeps people in their comfort bubble, which is a good thing.

So if you want to explore Downtown Gainesville nightlife, have a visit to the arcade bar.

Downtown Gainesville Arcade Bar

Florida Museum Of Natural History

The Florida Museum of Natural History Downtown Gainesville is a great place to visit for those who are history lovers. It is located on Hull Road. It offers a quick glimpse of Florida’s past and current flora and wildlife.

Before exploring the exotic beauty of the Butterfly Rainforest, visit the Florida Museum of Natural History’s vast fossil library, reproductions of the different habitats of Florida’s streams, and discover more about its native people.

The museum holds a number of seasonal shows all year round in addition to its permanent exhibits.

Florida Museum Of Natural History

Loosey’s Downtown Gainesville

If you’re searching for a fantastic local beer, Loosey’s Downtown is the place to go. Nothing beats a foamy beer and some great live performances and fun.

When you are in Downtown Gainesville with your buddies, do not forget to visit Loosey’s Downtown to enjoy a live show here. This is the best place to have a closer look at Downtown Gainesville’s nightlife.

Loosey's Downtown Gainesville

Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park

Have you ever longed to go down and investigate a massive sinkhole? Now’s your time to do this!

You can go to the bottom of this Park, which is about 120 feet deep & 500 feet wide. Going to the bottom has twisting wooden stairs & walkways that end on a viewing platform.

The sinkhole is a natural wonder due to many reasons. It’s not just full of water & limestone, but it’s also large enough to have three unique communities.

Owing to their distinct accessibility to rainfall and sun, a marsh, a forest, and a sandy hill all formed separately.

Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park

Mix N Mingle Fun Bikes

Among the best Downtown Gainesville things to do is to have a ride on Mix N Mingle Fun Bike Tour to discover the finest watering holes.

Cycle all around Downtown Gainesville with a drink in your hand and loud music, stopping at several authorized bars all along the route for rest and refreshments. We are sure that 2 hours long Mix N Mingle will leave you in joy.

Mix N Mingle Fun Bikes

Simons Nightclub

If you are looking for the best nightclub in Downtown Gainesville, we’ll suggest Simons Nightclub. This nightclub is located on S Main Street. Since 1990 when the club was first established, it has undergone modifications to maintain its top status.

The club’s décor is ultra-chic and incredibly contemporary, with a large dance floor, cutting-edge lighting, and renowned DJs that know well how to bring the club to life.

Simons Nightclub

The Butterfly Rainforest Gainesville, Florida

The Butterfly Rainforest is probably the heart of Downtown Gainesville. It is 6,4000 square feet. This rainforest depicts the natural habitat in which butterflies grow.

There are many distinct free-flying butterflies at any given moment, with an average of about 50 species. There are a variety of exotic birds and animals to see as well.

The Butterfly Rainforest Gainesville, Florida


Tourists can enjoy Downtown Gainesville’s bustling nightlife, which includes both bars and wineries. You will find activities in abundance to do in Downtown Gainesville.

We hope that the above material has enlightened you on a few of the best places to explore Gainesville. Book yourself a suite in Hampton Inn Downtown before you begin exploring.

This place has plenty to offer everybody, whether you’re a local seeking a great night out or a visitor seeking to step out and discover a new place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to do in downtown Gainesville?

There are a lot of things to do in downtown like, Cade Museum, Morningside Nature Center Downtown Gainesville, Downtown Gainesville Arcade Bar, Florida Museum Of Natural History, Loosey's Downtown Gainesville, Devil’s Millhopper Geological State Park, Mix N Mingle Fun Bikes, Simons Nightclub, The Butterfly Rainforest Gainesville, Florida

What is Gainsville famous for?

Gainesville is the land of Florida's largest and oldest university, famous for its education, medicine, cultural events, and athletics.

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