The Best End of The World Movies To Watch On Netflix 2022

The end of the world is scary, but seeing it happen in movies can be exciting and cathartic for humans.

The end of the world movies on Netflix have scenes, such as a fearful family eating a dead-silent diner or the expected woman on Earth pushing a sailboat and within the film, they capture this sensation of life.

Despite their growing popularity, these are the top end-of-the-world movies now available on Netflix:

End of The World Movies
End of The World Movies

End Of The World Movies on Netflix:

If you don’t have time to scroll through hundreds of films, we’ve come up with a list of the best end of the world movies to watch on Netflix.

Invasion of The Body Snatchers (1978):

The fact that your lover isn’t acting as oneself may be the first sign of the end. Philip Kaufman’s terrifying 1956 “pod people” offers a different kind of deadly virus: one in which people are gradually replaced by their similar duplicates as they sleep, making it hard to distinguish between family and loved ones.

The world is about to come to an end. Maybe. Someday. People have predicted it for a long time, but the current climate of catastrophe, it’s not hard to believe it will happen sooner rather than later.

Invasion of The Body Snatchers

“High Life” (2018):

In this 2018 film, prisoners are sent on a mysterious cosmic mission to discover a black hole under this movie. There are many raunchy investigations of sexuality and physical horror, but Denis focuses on the emptiness found. People can be cruel, angry, and aggressive towards each other and at the farthest depths of space, but trying to muster the courage and strength to keep pushing would get us over this endless suffering.

High Life

How It Ends (2018)

Theo James stars as Will Younger, a lawyer who goes from Seattle to Chicago to seek his girlfriend’s dad to marry his pregnant daughter, Kat. Will is ready to give it up on his future in-laws. But disaster strikes the West Coast and causes all flights to be canceled, Will finds himself 2,000 kilometers away from Kat, with no means of knowing whether she’s okay. Tom will go on a dangerous road-trip rescue attempt as the country descends into turmoil.

How It Ends

End Of The World Movies Comedy:

Numerous films depict the end of the world movies in a comedy sense streaming on Netflix.

Armageddon (1998):

Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Liv Tyler team up with NASA in Armageddon. They aim to detonate a nuclear weapon to destroy a meteor the size of Texas that is heading straight for them.

The team protected the Earth from an asteroid about to strike and wipe out the human population. Astronomers questioned the plot’s scientific basis. Despite this, it is nominated as one of the top films of 1998 and available on IMDb.


Seeking A Friend at The End of The World (2012):

Penny (Keira Knightley) and Dodge (Steve Carell) embark on a road trip to meet their family well before the end of the world. Despite its gloomy theme, Finding A Friend provides lots of comedy parts.

One of the best aspects of this movie would be that it realistically depicts the apocalyptic, emphasizing the heart and honesty of coming to grips with life.

Seeking A Friend at The End of The World

It’s A Disaster (2012):

The film’s cast includes Julia Stiles, David Cross, and America Ferrara in It’s a disaster. Clashes are already high when a circle of mates meets for a casual meal. However, they are unaware that it is also the end of the world. While everyone awaits their fates, their friendships are pushed to the test.

It's A Disaster


Mad Max is another end of world comedy movie in which survivors fight over water and fuel. In this film, oil has run out, leaving the world in a state of conflict, starvation, and financial upheaval.

Another film, Arrival, subverts all assumptions to create something utterly original and extremely unforgettable in a category of memorable movies. It is based on Ted Chiang’s story. It follows a linguist trying to help the military communicate with an alien force.

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We’ve compiled a list of the best end-of-the-world comedy, romance, and fiction movies streaming on Netflix. You can watch all of these among your pals on a special evening or just for the excitement and thrills. Also, we discovered that YouTube has a collection of end of the world movies available.

Whatever your reasons for watching something on Netflix, scroll down and select the best end of the world movies on Netflix to watch.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best end the World movie?

The best end of the world movie includes The Crazies, seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Invasion of the body snatchers, High Life, how it ends, It's A Disaster.

What movies are about the world ending?

Last Day on Earth, 5 Shells, and Aftermath are films about the world ending.

Are there any good apocalypse movies?

Apocalyptic films, known as doomsday films, include the good apocalypse movies, Is The End, It Comes at Night, and A Quiet Place.

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