How To Enter The Gungeon Secret Rooms & Where Are They Found?

It is not possible to open a secret room into a hallway that turns in any direction to get to it. Or by luck as such. Hidden rooms can only be located where there is space for them to exist. And straight hallways can be made to lead to them without bending the rules and map. This is the general rule, even if they might differ in size.

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According to general guidelines, to enter the gungeon secret rooms, the secret rooms are generally located in the following spaces:

Enter The Gungeon Secret Rooms

Chest Rooms

It is not uncommon to find a secret room in one of the rooms that spawn chests on your floor, located in the center of a wall that usually separates the room. There are probably more secret rooms in this location than any other. And you should check it first to enter the gungeon secret rooms as many as possible.

Chest Rooms

"Special" Rooms

This includes different kinds of rooms. In most cases, there will be a lantern and purple flame at the door, though this isn't always the case. This zone contains secret rooms on either the left or the right wall.

Special Rooms


There's always a secret room tucked away in the corner of the basic, run-of-the-mill shop run while you are looking for a way to enter the gungeon secret rooms.

You probably shouldn't check here first. It's also possible to find hidden rooms in the Forge Shop. It is common for Bello's shops to have hidden chambers hidden behind small alcoves.


"Random" Rooms

There are chances that your secret room could be a random area on your map if it does not Shrine rooms. Sometimes we find a secret room along the walls of rooms marked with a green-flamed lantern outside the entrance, which contains our beloved Shrines.

Random Rooms

Elevator Room

Following the killing of the boss, this room leads to the next level. If the player enters the secret rooms from the left or right, secret rooms are often found in the "prongs" leading upward directly adjacent to the elevator.

Finding these is harder, but I will mention a few tips and rules that will help.

Elevator Room

Methods To Find Secret Rooms

Things like Brick of Cash, Map, Gungeon Blueprint, and the Insight synergy all show you where secret rooms are located. A possible way to enter the gungeon secret rooms is by placing a tiny creature near the entrance of the rooms or by displaying a map with the information.

Obviously, you will need to be fortunate enough to find the items necessary for these methods to work.

Strategies To Enter The Gungeon Secret Rooms

The best way to find & enter the gungeon secret rooms is to shoot the center of the chest room walls or close to the exit elevator if you have limited ammunition.

You may also want to spend a blank before finishing a floor if the rooms do not reveal any cracked walls. We are assuming there's enough room in the shop for a secret room.

If you need to check out a room (particularly a dead-end room) after a firefight, make sure to keep a blank with you to open as soon as a firefight ends.

In Enter the Gungeon, you can find the secret rooms by looking at the walls. If you see a subtle color variation, then you've probably found the entrance to enter the gungeon the secret rooms.

At the instance, just keep an eye out for any color disfigurations in the walls on the various areas of the screen.

Secrets You Need To Know To  Enter The Gungeon Secret Rooms 

It's no secret that Gungeon is full of secrets if you've been playing for a while. Discover the basics with this guide.

Let's start by learning where the secret rooms can be found & how to enter the gungeon secret rooms. The most common places to find them are in chests.

When you step into a chest room to enter the gungeon secret room and see the chest in the center, three blank walls surround it. You can explore this without wasting your blanks by shooting the blank walls with some kind of weapon before wasting them trying to find the secret.

We do not suggest that you start with this weapon or use a weapon with unlimited ammunition. It must have a limit on ammunition to enter the gungeon secret rooms.

Ideally, use a weapon that you will never use to shoot the blank walls once to make a way to enter the gungeon secret rooms.

You can use a blank in place of a cracked wall if your wall is cracked. In secret rooms, players normally find chests and pickups, including hearts, armor, and ammunition.