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While chattering about the largest islands, Madagascar is the 4th largest island in the world. Mindanao is the beautiful one however, Negros is the fourth largest island in the Philippines. It is for the Visayas in the heart of the country. Though Luzon is also bigger in the area but yet considered as 15th largest. Let us talk about Negros tour this time.

There Are Two Parts of The Island:

  1. Negros Occidental Mindoro
  2. Negros Oriental

I will impart my top suggestions for visiting this 4th largest island in the Philippines on your coming tour to the Philippines. I’ll also share the most enjoyable things to view and do when you stay there and Explore Negros Island.

What Region Is Bacolod?

Negros include the urban city of Bacolod. If you are visiting from another country and worrying about What Region is Bacolod? Let me tell you, Bacolod city has a place with the Western Visayas Region or Region VI. The Visayas is the central bit of the Philippines and is made out of numerous islands, including Cebu, Leyte, Negros, and Panay. When talking about Negro.

Adventures To Negros The Fourth Largest Island In The Philippines

Negros the fourth largest island in the Philippines looks like a long strip in the middle of the mountain range. There are beautiful shores, unique bays, and one of the most active volcanoes on the Island. You can enjoy watching whales and dolphins, snorkeling, and trekking preceding forest waterfalls.

The Island’s deep history shows dozens of ancestral houses and colonial-style mansions. The vast sugarcane plantations still produce unbeatable harvests. There are numerous wildlife refuges shelter, many rare species of birds, including:

  • White-Winged Cuckoo Shrike
  • Philippine Hawk-Eagle
  • Visayan Flowerpecker

The Birds show is an increasingly popular part of Negros Island tourism. Tourists use Philippines trip guides and shelter places to stay during the visit. your flavors, enjoyment, necessities, and taking care of the logistics come together aroundNegros Island holidays. Unlike Madagascar, the 4th largest island in the world Negros is filled with much more to enjoy.

Casaroro Falls

This is a well-known fascination of Negros the fourth largest island in the Philippines and is a great spot, and everybody should investigate this spot when they visit this Island. This spot exists in Valencia and is the shortest waterway and is a pride of Valencia.

This heavenly cascade is the tallest in the Visayas district, and the tallness of this water body is in excess of 30 meters. Individuals need to climb a specific path to arrive at this path, yet toward the end, its value is exertion and is an incredible spot where sightseers can unwind and make the most of their excursion.

The cascade that dwelled in Valencia is more than 30 meters tall, and you should climb to arrive at it. It’s certainly worth the walkthrough for the view toward the end!

The Ruins

This spot on the 4th largest island in the Philippines was holding the 1900s history. It is a familial house of a well-off Family, Don Mariano, and is arranged in the Negros Occidental piece of this Island. This house is shocking and has some provable and social worth. It mirrors the past of this Island. Roused by Italian engineering, this chateau was based on a 440-hectare manor around there. This spot is also called ‘taj Mahal Of Talisay City.

Twin Lakes Of Balinsasayao

This Lake is situated in the Negros Oriental territory and is encircled by Lake Balinsasayao and Lake Danao. This park is located in the southern segment of the Negros Island and hushes up, unwinding, and refreshing. Sightseers visit this spot to have a tranquil day and an extraordinary calm encounter.

Apo Island Marine Reserve

The environmental idea of the Philippines is genuinely honored naturally. This fourth largest island acquires the most lovely and the best vacation spot. This spot is seven kilometers from the southernmost tip of the Negros Island and is a stunning creation on Island. This artificial reserve is the most staggering and excellent thing that they may visit on this Island. Neighborhoods and unfamiliar travelers have an incredible chance to see these extraordinary marine natural surroundings.

Apo Island Marine Reserve

Scuba Diving

These are some courageous mainstream exercises one can act on the fourth largest island in the Philippines. There are various choices that you may look over! A few places that remember this action for their rundown are:

  • Dumaguete Athletes
  • Ocean Pioneers Philippines
  • Coral dive experience
  • Water Ventura Divers
  • Apo fall
  • Dive community drain
  • Scuba adventures

These are the main spots and activities which you will enjoy the most. However, there are many more places one can visit like:

  • The Silliman University
  • Rizal Boulevard
  • San Sebastian Cathedral
  • Numerous galleries and design puts value on this spot and makes this Island worth visiting.

Scuba Diving

Ways To Arrive Negros The Fourth Largest Island In The Philippines

Probably, there are 3 ways to get to Negros:

  1. Bacolod City, the doorway to Negros Occidental, the fourth largest island in the Philippines is a short way from Manila while going by air. It has a minor route from Cebu with Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. It gives travelers 6 flights a day.
  2. There is an 18-hour tour from Manila Via Sea elite vessels of Aboitiz 2Go Company. Bacolod is almost an hour from Iloilo City Onboard.
  3. Vallacar Transit which is also called Ceres transport presently makes a trip from Manila to Bacolod and covers the land area. It takes 20 hours via land and ocean seacraft. From Cebu, it is a 7-hour journey and 6 hours going to Dumaguete City. Rented transport is also accessible whenever

What Is The Most Suitable Time To Visit The Island?

The most suitable time to visit the fourth largest island in the Philippines is from the 2nd last month of the year (November) to April. When there is a mild temperature and close to average rainfall. However, the average temperature all year is between 28-30°C. The Island has a tropical storm environment. Thus in the late spring, particularly the degrees of precipitation can be moderately high.

Lodging In Negros

Staying in Bacolod is much easier when you take care of transport and other things before checking in any spot. There are numerous hotels and resorts in Negros, the fourth largest island in the Philippines. One can choose their place to endure likely upon their spending plan. Visitors can make changes if they are not fulfilled by a specific lodging they are staying in. Pura Vida Beach and Resort, Atlantis Dive Resort, Thalatta Resort, and many more hotels will give you an incredible encounter of this spot.

Lodging In Negros

Buffets And Dinners In The Island

Negros, the fourth largest island in the Philippines acknowledges its food, and it shows. Regardless of whether you like new fish, smoky grilled meat, or debauched pastries, it’s everything here. You can plunk down in high-end food places and devour blue marlins or crabs. You can visit the neighborhood market for the day’s catch and have it cooked in restaurants close by or at your convenience.

Perhaps, the most well-known dish on the island is its chicken inasal (baked chicken). Indeed, even local people can’t get enough of it, so make a point to have a chomp when you’re here. Other participants would be their piaya (muscovado-filled flatbread), lumpiang ubod (new vegetable egg roll), empanada (stuffed bread), kalamay hati (sticky rice cake), cheesecake, and dried fish.

Buffets and Dinners In The Island

Bars And Pubs

There are many bars and pubs in Negros where people enjoy drinks and datings. Spot Catalin Geangos is also the best seductive and appealing idea to date on the island.

Bars And Pubs

Important Things To Remember

  1. Apply beach-friendly sunscreen to protect your skin from the sea.
  2. Keep your stuff in a plastic or synthetic bag as sea waves are sturdy and bumpy. You may get pouring on the boat.
  3. The isle has a partial supply of foodstuff so carry some eatables with you.
  4. You cannot get Electricity all the time. If your lodging doesn’t have an electric backup, remember to charge your gadgets in advance.
  5. Be supple with time as ferries reach and go on an uneven timetable. Boat tours are mostly available up to midnight.

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Final Words

Negros the fourth largest island in the Philippines is a highly dazzling and surprising spot. It will be an extraordinary experience for you, your companions, and your family. One should not pass up on a chance to visit this place and make the most of its beautiful magnificence and absorb the astonishing regular excellence of this spot.

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