Top Gungeon Shrines You’ll Find In Enter The Gungeon And What They Do?

Enter the Gungeon is a shoot-em-up dungeon crawler that follows a ragtag group of misfits looking for shooting, looting, dodge rolling, as well as table-flipping their way to individual redemption by finding the legendary Gungeon’s ultimate treasure using different gungeon shrines.

It features four adventurers who explore the titular Gungeon, searching for a time machine that can kill the past. The player is presented with dynamically generated levels (containing gungeon items & gungeon curses).

They face monsters and acquire new weapons and objects with special attributes and effects as the game progresses.  Exit the Gungeon is a spin-off that takes a platform game approach rather than a top-down dungeon crawler.

This game includes some unique terms like badges, curses, shrines, and much more. In this article, we’ll be focusing on gungeon shrines you’ll encounter in the games & how they’ll affect your game. Let’s begin!

Top 10 Gungeon Shrines

Gungeon Shrines are sculptures with which the player engages to make a sacrifice and get a reward. In Enter the Gungeon, shrines are considered a big plus. Whenever a shrine is activated, it gives the player an advantage, but it mostly costs money.

Usually, the benefits exceed the risk. One can use the shrine room before entering, owing to a green lantern by the door. Here are some of the best exits & enter the gungeon Shrines you’ll encounter in the game.

Your resources and item hoard will influence which Shrines are most essential to you. However, most players will wish to meet at least a couple of these shrines on their journeys.

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1- Beholster

The Beholster Shrine is the best in the game. This shrine is one of the most difficult to activate & it demands the player to sacrifice a lot in order to achieve it.

It will cough up the Eye of The Beholster in return, with the extra benefit of allowing the very same weapons to surround the player and shoot on opponents. It’s a high price to pay, given how valuable the weapon is, and activating this Shrine will likely necessitate repeated runs.

2- Angle

The Angel shrine comes at a high price for a great benefit.  The player will take 25% greater damage for the purchase of a heart container. This is a good trade for offensive-minded players, and even with the appropriate gungeon guns, it can effectively cleanse rooms.

However, heart containers are a bad trade for defensive players. Sadly, since the Robot lacks hearts, it is unable to use this shrine in any way. And in case it interacts with it, it will be unable to do anything.

3- The Blank Statue

Using a blank in the same room where the statue will create/spawn a chest of random quality. These chests can also be found in the treasure room.

Based on the chest found in the game can make the blank gungeon shrines one of the best or sometimes the worst. You can also get a chest shine by defeating all the enemies.

4- Junk

This is probably one of the best enter the gungeon shrines. Players will receive armor from the junk shrine when they exchange a piece of junk. Since Junk is useless, this is a wonderful trade.

If you come across this shrine on a platform and discover any low-quality chests with insufficient keys, you can destroy the chests for junk and drop them off at the shrine to receive a little more value for the junk.

5- Cleanse

The cleanse shrine reduces the player’s curse to 0. It requires five shells for reducing each point of the curse.

Once this shrine is created, it gets its own room and a distinctive sign on the map. One can have less than 0 curses by dumping a cursed Gungeon item using cleanse shrine.

6- Ammo

Shell’tan shrine is named as ammo elemental. This Shrine is frequently disregarded by players, despite its importance in this game.

There’s a possibility that any given gungeon gun will suddenly fire 2-4 bullets in unpredictable succession for 10 Shells, which rises with each subsequent use. When those shots are fired, there’s a chance they won’t use any ammo.

7- Hero

This shrine can only be triggered after killing the present character’s past. It is only found at the start.  When you activate this shrine, your gungeon curse will increase to 9.

8- Peace

When you contact the Peace Shrine, this will take any gun you have out and restore you for just a full heart’s damage. This can be done multiple times. This is usually a relatively excellent deal if you’re severely hurt because you can give it low-quality weaponry.

In Blessed runs, you can take advantage of this gungeon shrine by giving it firearms indefinitely till your health reaches 100%; the continually changing gun appears to be infinite for this reason!

9- Glass

This shrine will give the player three Glass Guon Stone gungeon items with no drawbacks. It is among the few gungeon shrines that have no cost, so take advantage of it when you find it for the small benefit it offers.

10- Dice

This Shrine is considered both the best and worst Shrine when entering the gungeon, putting it smack dab in the middle of this ranking. While using this shrine, the player will be subjected to both benefits and drawbacks.

Positive outcomes can eliminate ten curses, restore one to ten Blanks, and perhaps even refill all firearms. The bad effects may include erasing blanks, taking some money, or sometimes exploding and harming the player.

Gungeon Shrines: The Takeaway

Can’t remember what a particular gun type is for or memorize the bosses or enemies? Simply use Gungeon Wiki & just look up in it whatever you are trying to memorize. You’ll find all the information right here which seems to be tedious to remember.

Wrapping Up

Shrines may be found all across the Gungeon, and they usually come with a set of perks as well as a price if you engage with them. Each shrines’ effectiveness varies considerably based on how you play, the character you are in, or which gaming platform you are in. The majority of shrines may only be employed once; however, a few exceptions have been covered in the article above. We hope that you enjoyed reading. Comment below if you’ve got anything in mind & would like to share with us!

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