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San Antonio is in the south-central city of Texas in the U.S. How far is San Antonio Texas from the nearest Beach? It is located at the headwaters of the San Antonio River about 130 km southwest of Austin. It is the 2nd most populated center in Texas.

There are many things in San Antonio that are full of excursions. It is full of deep archives and lovely strolls. If you want to make a fun-filled trip to this city, you should know how far San Antonio is from the beach and How far San Antonio is from Galveston because you will have much more fun there. You will also get to know about San Antonio Beach Resort. So read the complete content and gather information about will Austin Texas cities give you entertainment?

How Far Is San Antonio From Houston?

Travelers visit San Antonio to enjoy Ocean beach trips from all over the globe. As San Antonio is near to Houston, it becomes a piece of attraction for Houston too.

Want to know how far is San Antonio from Houston?

Seeking how far San Antonio is from Houston will become easy when you read this blog thoroughly. If you drive nonstop, it will look nearly short in distance.

  • The Nonstop drive to San Antonio: 317 km (197 miles)
  • Total Driving duration: Approximately 3 Hours
  • The Flight distance: 190 miles or 306 km
  • Flight duration: 37 minutes

Note: You may see a travel question guide before heading on your journey towards San Antonio and also get information about How far is San Antonio Texas from the nearest Beach?

However, it is more enjoyable to stay on the way. If you live in Houston, you may help other tourists to tell them more about Houston!

You can also go on a beach outing from San Antonio to the famous ocean and closest lake beaches on your holidays. Plan your trip to the nearest beaches to San Antonio after getting to know how far is San Antonio from the beach?

10 Most Fascinating Beaches In Texas

Guadalupe River State Park

So after exploring, how far is San Antonio from the beach?  We come to know Guadalupe River State Park is the nearest one. This Park is 40 miles far from San Antonio (a half-hour drive). It is the most touching beach on the list and considered the choicest beach for San Antonio spotlight residents. It is a famous swimming stop in Texas. People float, tube, and boat in this river. People bring their mountain bikes to enjoy the location. However, horse riding is also incredible.

Mustang Island State Park

Mustang Island State Park is in Corpus Christi. It is 165 miles off from San Antonio (About 2 a half-hour drive). Mustang Island is at the right of the Gulf of Mexico and goes back to the Atlantic. It is near the middle of Texas. This beach in San Antonio has the most stunning lakes and riverfront. If you are looking for oceanside vibes, this would be the right choice. It is close to San Antonio and ideal for a picnic. You can play on the beach the whole day. The 5 miles coastline allows you to surf, float, and make sandcastles. Moreover, you can heed the paddling in the Park’s tracks. Savor special encounters with seaside birds.

Galveston Island

Galveston Island is near Houston and Pearland. It is 252 miles far from San Antonio (about a 4-hour drive). However, you should know how far is San Antonio from Galveston to move quickly. It is 247 miles from San Antonio. Consisting of 32 miles of fine sands and harbors perfect, this Island is ideal for swimming. It was considered the South Playground. You can enjoy some points like:

  • East Beach
  • El Jardin Del Mar
  • Stewart Beach

Don’t skip visiting the historic Pleasure Pier on Seawall Boulevard there. You can also enjoy exciting rides and tasty food. But don’t skip remembering how far is San Antonio from Galveston before going to the beach.

South Padre Island

It is a waterfront borough in Cameron County that is 297 miles far, about 4 hours and 30 minutes drive from San Antonio. You can enjoy much on South Padre Island. Whether you are a water Lover or a sports thriller; you will enjoy it there a lot.

Enjoy windsurfing, kiteboarding, and turbojet skiing and relax on its clear sand. More surprising is that you can go fishing with great catches, see dolphins in the lakes and face sea animals while swimming.

North Padre Island

It is nearer to Corpus Christi and 172 miles (100 minutes’ drive off) from San Antonio. It has a high range of beaches and gulf waters. You will enjoy your visit to this peaceful spot and explore the classic hot climate.

Due to its most attractive beaches are the best spot for diving, campfires, and night walks. People gather shells and ride a horse too.

Corpus Christi

A waterfront town in South Texas that is 143 miles off from San Antonio! It is a 2-hour drive distance. A tour to Corpus Christi, TX, is a superb choice while visiting lively beach getaways in Texas.

North Beach, the 1.5-mile coast, is one of Corpus Christi’s central appeals. Here, kids can also enjoy swimming because the calm water waves are gentle enough for them. Enough with diving and playing in the sand? North Beach holds loads of offers. As past lovers adore touring the USS Lexington, you will see a gallery too.

Corpus Christi

Jamaica Beach

Jamaica Beach city is 257 miles apart from San Antonio. It is a 4-hour driving distance found on Jamaica Beach Road. It is a more pacific spot. The adjoining pulls like Pleasure Pier and Moody Gardens are best for those who enjoy short-packed shores. Jamaica Beach is a popular fishing spot. Whether the person is a beginner or a master in fishing, he will enjoy the best catch throughout.

Jamaica Beach

Boca Chica State Park

The Boca Chica State Park is situated in Brownsville. It is 296 miles from San Antonio (4 and a half-hour drive according to route) when you will tour and enjoy 1 thousand acres of vast shores and hills. Swim and surf in the pools or plan a party on the best family beach. In a good climate, there is the true and single joy of sporting in the waters. You feel like only you and the ocean are around the whole beach. Go fishing, bird watching, beach driving, or shell hunting, everything is there! You can further visit alternative places, for example, the Port Isabel Lighthouse which will grant you a wonderful picture of the lake from the upper tip.

Boca Chica State Park

Port Aransas

Port Aransas remains on the end of the Gulf of Mexico. It is near Rockport and Corpus Christi, however, 178 miles off from SA. About 2 hours and 40 minutes away. You will relish your entire day here with above 18 miles of friendly blond beaches and cold streams. It’s sunny, and crystal lakes are super tempting to dive in it. You can surf, boat, boogie board, ski, and explore on a paddleboard. The sound waves on this coastline may occur in riptides, just known in tourist reviews. So be careful!

Port Aransas

Matagorda Beach

This beach is nearest to Houston, so calculate the distance from there. How far is San Antonio from Houston? It is 2 hours drive from the Woodlands and 1 hour from Houston city. The blue and green water of the beach has crystal clear sand. The coast is full of shells; therefore, kids stay happy all the time. People love camping there and enjoy beautiful views while sitting in the camp lounge.

Matagorda Beach

Ibiza San Antonio BaySan Antonio Beach Resort

The San Antonio Beach resort coordinates the southern section of the grand bay. You will see lovely scenes of the gleaming beach, little boats, and white ships. People are involved in many water sports on this magical site. You will discover 5 short beaches on the way to the coast. Every beach has its own beauty. Many of them are honored with the stunning aquamarine lake transparency. This is the reason Ibiza’s beaches are more popular.

Ibiza San Antonio BaySan Antonio Beach Resort

Final Note On How Far Is San Antonio From The Beach

I am sure this Beach guide tells how far San Antonio from the beach will return great vibes to people traveling there. Lively Beaches, there are not the typical holiday goals in San Antonio. Also, you will inspire the beauty of nature. Now head towards San Antonio. Either you are in the middle of California and visited orange beach too many times. Just make your plan to play more and boost your relationship with nature. From the resort and beaches do dramatic hill boardwalks. Don’t miss the guidance about How far is San Antonio Texas from the nearest Beach. It will benefit you a lot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is San Antonio a safe place to visit?

Yes, San Antonio is a safe place to visit as compared to the other cities of the US. You may visit San Antonio without any fear.

How far is San Antonio from the ocean?

If we talk about straight line distance it's 324.18 km while if you drive in the car it's 324.18 km.

Is San Antonio expensive?

No, San Antonio is less expensive as compared to the other tourist cities of the US. You can visit San Antonio on your low budget with the best views.

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