Minecraft Day And Night Cycle

Minecraft is a game where the day and night cycle is significant. Time can influence a variety of factors, including how you play.

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Minecraft Day

A Minecraft day is shorter than a full day. The game has a full cycle for days and nights, but they just take a few minutes to complete. A full day in Minecraft is just 20 minutes of a real day.

So how long is a Minecraft year in real-time? A Minecraft day is about 72 times faster than a regular day. In this video game, one second equals 72 seconds in the actual world.

Daytime lasts about 10 minutes, while nighttime lasts about 7 minutes. There is sunset and sunrise between each one, each lasting 90 seconds. A Minecraft Day has 24000 Ticks.

Keep in mind that the color of the sky will vary depending on the system you're in. In the desert, the sky is a light blue in color than in Plain areas. Moreover, you are safe during the day, and there’s no danger since zombies & mobs suffer damage when exposed to the broad sun.

Minecraft Day

What Are The Times Of The Day To Be Aware Of?

Here’s a list of a few of the tasks you can perform in the daytime. Keep note of the time when these are performed since it is very crucial;

  • Villagers start working at 8:00:00.0 and finish at 15:00:00.0 daily.
  • When it rains or about to rain, you can use your beds at 18:00.36.0, but during clear weather, beds must be used at 18:32.31.2.
  • The very first tick when mobs and creepers start spawning is 19:11:16.8. When the weather is clear, the final tick will be at 4:48:43.2, and in the case of rainy weather, it’ll be at 5:01:51.6.

Clocks: A Handy Equipment For Daytime

A clock is a unique piece of equipment that can be used to check the time. They can be used to determine whether it is day or night by visualizing a Sun or Moon.

They're convenient in caves, where you can't simply look up to determine if it is day or night time. Clocks are useful in the Nether since there is no day cycle around.

Minecraft Night

Nights are scarier than days in Minecraft, so watch out. When it’s night, the skylight level drops to zero; an orange light can be seen in the sky & darkness prevails everywhere. Violent groups and animals rear their heads at night, so be ready to protect yourself from the possible danger.

The moon always appears from the eastern horizon in Minecraft. As the moon appears, the sky starts darkening, and stars start appearing. When the skylight level drops to a minimum of 4, harmful creatures can spawn. Nighttime ranges from 19:00 to 05:00.

Minecraft Night

How To Live Through Your First Night Of Minecraft?

Following are the points to keep in mind to survive through the first night in Minecraft;

  • Select an area where you are going to set up your first base
  • Note what your base areas surrounding look are
  • Collect wood
  • Make necessary tools
  • Build a shack


Here are some interesting facts to take with you when you are traveling to earn badges. Though these are small tips only, they do make a big difference;

  • Keep a stack of wood
  • Always have a pile of torches with you
  • Bed
  • 2-3 buckets of water
  • High saturation food
  • Crafting table
  • Blank map
Minecraft timeMinecraft TicksReal-time
1 second0.270.0138 seconds
1 minute16.660.83 seconds
1 hour100050 seconds
1 day2400020 minutes
1 week168,0002.20 hours

Dawn In Minecraft

When the sun first rises in the east, it gradually grows bigger &  then shrinks to its daily size. When the sun rises, there’s orange light around it, turning progressively to light blue as the day progresses.

Any mob might appear if its spawning requirements are fulfilled based on the level of light. On the other hand, Skeletons and zombies will burn up and flee, seeking water or shelter.

Players can sleep in their beds, but just for a bit of time will be advanced, making it meaningless.

Dawn In Minecraft

Dusk In Minecraft

As the sun sets, the amount of light it produces gradually decreases. The sky around the sun slowly turns dark blue.  In around 90 seconds, the light level falls from 15 to 4. During this time, players can sleep in their beds.

Dusk In Minecraft

Can You Make Days Longer In Minecraft?

You might not find absolutely what you're searching for if you're searching for a command to help the day last longer or Minecraft change day length?

Game players can do this by combining different commands; however, it is a time-consuming procedure. One approach to do this properly is using "/time set day" anytime it begins to get dark to reset to the daytime.

Fortunately, with mods like these, this step may be automated. But, that's only true for the Java version on PC.  This manual Day time setting ensures safety & is perfect for gamers who prefer daytime to nighttime to concentrate on constructing rather than fighting spawning opponents.

You can also watch the Minecraft Tutorial to get an insight into the commands you can use to Minecraft change day length.