Weight of 1 Grain of Rice

1 long grain of white rice is nearly 0.029 grams.

Weight of 1/2 Cup Cooked Rice

½ cup of cooked rice is around 124 grams in weight.

Weight of 1 Cup Cooked Rice

Weight 1 cup of cooked rice is around 124.04 grams of rice.

1 Cup Rice Calories

In 1 cup of rice, there is around 185 gm of uncooked rice. However, in 1 cup of cooked rice, there is about 200 gm. This weight is about 4 ounces.

2 Cups Rice Weight

The weight of 02 cups rice makes about 1 pound and yields about 03 cups cooked rice.

If they are dry rice, then it will make about 06 cups of cooked rice. This quantity of rice is enough for 6 servings. However, when serving guests who don’t favor a fancy outlay in food, then 06 cups of cooked rice cups are enough for 08 servings. In real life, 2 cups of boiled rice are enough for 2 people. Many people eat a fewer quantity of rice. In this case, 2 cups of rice are ample for 3 servings.