Hunter Eyes, Prey Eyes | Difference, Features And The Role Of Mewing

Hunter eyes are different from the prey eyes. Most people struggle to get the hunter eyes because they are forward eyes and always focus on the prey, and are more attractive than the prey eyes. Many models and stars like Jared Leto, Gordon Love has hunter eyes. Human eyes play a massive role in our appearance and personalities.

In this article, Method of getting hunter eyes, features of hunter eyes and prey eyes are given below:

Hunter Eyes Vs. Prey Eyes



Vertically dense and horizontally broad

Horizontally dense and vertically broad

Almond shape

Asymmetrical eye cover

Hooded eyelids

Higher upper eyelid clarity

Not visible while staring straight ahead

Low-lying outer canthal breadth

A medial canthus tilting downwards

Parallel medial canthus

No signs of scleral show

Mild, great scleral visibility

What Are Hunter Eyes?

Almond-shaped eyes that meet much back and far in the skull are called hunter eyes. The central hooded region is horizontally wide, vertically narrow, and tilted upward in Hunter’s eye.

According to Martin Banks, the professor of Vision, your maxilla rests on some important factors. For example, if there is a twirl in the maxilla, your eyes would be far set. The maxilla hunter eyes depend on skull size.

Hunter Eyes And The Male, Female Affinity

Whether hunter eyes are directly attractive to women remains an open question from a scientific perspective.

Facial masculinity research suggests that the role of solid facial features in shaping men’s emotional attraction to females is overstated since these features don’t significantly affect women’s evaluations of male facial attractiveness.

Male features may play an even lesser role in driving actual mating outcomes. Despite this, individuals with sharp eyes are seen as objectively beautiful, particularly the male models.

Those with hunter’s eyes have a piercing, predatory gaze, making them look very powerful and intimidating. People with these eyes generally find them attractive since they confer a distinct look.

Unluckily, the shape of your face is the dedication to a genetic factor. Some people have large eye sockets, pupils, or orbit bones, but they still possess hunter eyes. Many crazy or high spirit people get almond eye surgery willingly.

Key Features Of Hunter Eyes

  • Vertical
  • Upward compact
  • Hooded
  • Smooth elongated
  • Have a canthal tilt

Note that people with green eyes look very attractive if they have a hunter’s eye. Scarlet Johansson is a live example of it.

Have you ever felt a double chin even when you are skinny? Talks Corner has a detailed article on this topic, and you can learn more by clicking the link.

What Are Prey Eyes Humans?

As stated above, people with horizontal pupils are referred to as prey eyes humans. They possess vertically short & beady orbitals. Since prey eyes root behind too wide orbits, they look less stunning.

The prey’s eyes seem to be circular and void. Prey eyes may result due to genetic factors, aging, or some other specific reasons.

Key Features Of Prey Eyes

  • High upper lid
  • Deep orbits
  • Horizontal pupil
  • Arched eyebrow
  • Asymmetrical eyelid

How To Get Hunter Eyes?

Getting a hunter’s eyes is not a piece of cake. Unfavorably, the natural form of your orbit bones makes the aesthetics of your eyes. So, it is curbing to transform your eye shape to make it attractive.

However, if you still want to know how you get a hunter’s eyes, then read the given information carefully.

Surgery, in this case, is mostly for ingredients contortions instead to improve your orbit frame. However, there is some surgery like:

  • Canthoplasty: An eye canthus, a modern eye surgery.
  • Blepharoplasty: A treatment to lift your eyelid.
  • Ptosis Repair: It sinks your eyelid.
  • Orbital Decompression: A surgery to decompress the orbit.
  • Almond Eye Surgery: A combination of all the above treatments.

All these surgeries and treatments are costly and painful for both females and males. Yet, they have some chances of failure or eye paralysis too.

The only way that considers success when it comes to how to get a hunter’s eye is hunter eyes exercise. The best exercise considered so far is mewing. Here’s what you need to know about mewing.

Hunter Eyes Mewing

Hunter Eyes Mewing is the best exercise to enhance your eye area in hunter eyes lookism. It will ultimately propel your midface up and forth as time moves. Though it is what you want:

  • Your eyes will grow vertically and packed.
  • They will ripen deep, placed into your skull.
  • Your midface will ease the skin and fat below your eyelid. As a result, you will not have any more bags or circles due to the skin stretching.
  • As per various mewing researches, your canthal tilt will mature positively, and your cheekbones stretch upside and onward. It drives up your lateral eye section. It’s counternatural! Your medial canthus cannot raise with mewing because our nose cartilage is distinct from the skull.
  • The more tight orbit space appears as a result of the diminished scleral show.
  • There is a shorter turn for your upper eyelid to be further prominent now as your eyes aren’t bulging anymore. So you will get a more suitable eyelid arch shape without glaring it.

If you doubt that bones can change with a mewing, then it’s just your thinking.

Everyone can benefit from mewing. It works best on young bones because they are more malleable. Adults can still benefit from it, especially if they have constantly been meowing for some time.

Do bones really change? Find out more.

So What Mewing Actually Does?

Mewing is the way to improve your tongue and body posture. Perversely, as we moved from a drifting rustic lifestyle to live in houses, people have mislaid this.

Dust mites allergens have ruined our senses to inhale with our nose for a long time. In addition, the widespread infirm posture in society nowadays raises puny tongue pose.

Staring at the phone or laptop, we drop our heads forward. It provokes our mouths to be open. So, it is better to do the inverse and keep your mouth close to get hunter eyes lookism.

How To Mew for Hunter’s Eyes?

Suppose you want to have hunter eyes. Follow the below steps to mew properly.

  • Sit straight and bind your breath by licking your lips.
  • Without holding or employing any stress, lean your molar teeth on the tip of each other.
  • Now push your entire tongue on the top of your mouth.
  • Keep this stance up to your stamina. If it is not long, then try to build your stamina.
  • Keep your lips close and breathe through your nose all the time.

When Can We Mew?

People inquire about the best time when mewing results in more facial enhancement. So, when should a person Mew?

Experts suggest that you can mew everywhere, anywhere, anytime the day!

Before the hunter’s eyes mewing, you have to prepare the proper tongue position. You will think it is obstinate in the beginning, but you will get the required image after practice.


The Hunter Eyes look cannot be obtained through any direct procedures. Only a handful of surgeries can provide an almond shape to the eyes because they are such a sensitive area.

We recommend consulting a healthcare professional before undergoing any surgical procedure. Making a wise decision is crucial when it comes to surgeries because they are irreversible.

Starting eating right and correcting your lifestyle are the best ways to overcome these problems. It involves eating raw, hard food, hunter’s eye exercise, and strengthening facial and jawline muscles. You must give mewing a sincere shot if you want true Hunter Eyes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Main Difference between hunter and prey Eyes?

Hunter Eyes are Vertically dense and horizontally broad, while prey eyes are Horizontally dense and vertically broad. Hunter Eyes are Almond shape while prey eyes are Asymmetrical eye cover.

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