Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed | Reasons and 8 Ways To Fix

Instagram is a modern tool and platform for sharing photos and videos and connecting with family members, friends, and potential users. Instagram is a fantastic application. However, you may get “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” when it is facing issues refreshing the feed.

When using Instagram, this problem notice appears at random intervals. We’ll go over all you need to know about getting around Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error in this post.

How Do You Generally Refresh The Instagram Feed?

Just pull down the display and allow it to refresh the feed. When you reload your feed, it’ll refresh and rearrange all the posts. If you already liked all of the posts in the Instagram feed, reloading it will display them chronologically.

If you don’t like the posts in your insta feed, though, reloading it will show you the ones you’re more likely to engage with first.

Generally Refresh The Instagram Feed

What Makes The “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Error Appear?

Wondering why Instagram said it couldn’t refresh the feed? Below are some of the most indispensable causes of it.

Internet Connection

You may be experiencing an Instagram refresh feed issue because your internet service cannot build a secured connection with the Instagram systems. So, we suggest trying connecting to other providers and trying refreshing your feed.

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Outdated Application

It’s conceivable that you’re using an older version of the application, which is why Instagram saying it couldn’t refresh the feed. Whether you’re using an iOS or non-iOS device, an easy solution is to visit the apple store or play store, respectively & check for the updates.

Your Time And Date Are Incorrect

If your phone’s data and time settings are not in sync with the actual date and time, the app may show the “Instagram Couldn’t refresh feed” issue.

That’s because the time and date on the application’s server don’t correspond with your device, causing the application to face contradictory information as you try to reload the feed.

Corrupted Cache

The cache on the smartphone which the insta has set up may be damaged, resulting in the app not updating. So, we advise clearing the cache and then checking to see whether the feed Error persists.

Below we have shared links to two articles that discuss how to clear the cache on your Android or iPhone.

How To Fix The “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Issue?

If your Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed, there’s nothing to worry about. And do not panic or rush toward things, simply follow our tips and tricks & solve your issue effortlessly.

Following these “how to fix Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” will have no serious effect on your user’s account presence or upkeep.

1- Close And Reopen The Instagram App

The very first thing to fix the Instagram feed issue is to close the application. Wait for about one minute before returning and reopening the app.

Check to see if you can reload your Instagram feed once you’ve reopened the app. If not, you’ll have to resort to other solutions discussed in the following sections. You can use the very same solution when you see the same posts again and again.

Close And Reopen The Instagram App

2- Uninstall The Application If Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Appear

Whether you are an iPhone or Android user, Instagram refresh feed issues are unavoidable. To fix this issue, another solution is to uninstall the application and reinstall it.

You should uninstall Instagram if all other applications like WhatsApp or Facebook work perfectly on your phone and only Instagram is facing this “feed couldn’t refresh” issue.

Here is how you can do this:

  • Hold down the Instagram icon on the home screen till it starts to shake.
  • Click on the “X” button and delete the app.
  • Go to the AppStore and search for Instagram.
  • Simply download the app.
  • Log in with the same credentials you used before.
  • Check to see whether the issue has been resolved.

Uninstall Instagram

3- Troubleshoot Network Issues If Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

Instagram feed can also display in case of an internet problem.  So when you face this issue,  you must first inspect your internet connection. Turning off and then turning it on the back can resolve this issue. This is an ideal solution if you are using Instagram For Business.

Troubleshoot Network Issues

4- Restart Your Phone

Turn off or restart your phone and wait a few moments. Attempt signing into your Instagram account to see if the issue is resolved.

Restart Your Phone

5- Log In To Instagram Again

An easy logging out and then logging in can often be of tremendous assistance. This will merely restart your Instagram and also resolve other problems.

Simply log out of your account on both your phone to better resolve the “couldn’t refresh feed” bug. Allow a few minutes to pass before logging back in. Your Instagram feed will be restored to its previous state.

Log In To Instagram Again

6- Delete Any Posts or Comments That Aren’t Appropriate

Another explanation for the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed problem could be that you have offensive posts or comments on the profile.

So, log into your account to see if there is something wrong with your photos, comments, or posts. If you discover that anything is amiss with the account, you must delete it in order for it to function correctly.

  • Posts: Once you sign in using a browser, you’ll see a notification if Instagram considers one of your posts to be unsuitable. As it says, delete your post.
  • Photos: This issue may appear on the account occasionally. You can fix this by uploading a new image to replace an old one. You can refresh the feed if the recently posted photo is suitable for your account.
  • Comments: You must find and remove any offensive remarks that have been left under your post. Remove the double hashtag ## comment, Or replace it with a suitable symbol.

Delete Any Posts or Comments

7- Automatically Set The Date And Time For You

As previously stated, if your device’s date and time setting is manually configured and not synchronizing with the current time, probably, your feed may not refresh. Make sure you double-check that your date and time setting and put it to automatic mode.

Automatically Set The Date And Time

8- Report “Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed” Issue To Instagram

Go to Instagram’s settings and select ‘Report a problem,’ then select ‘Something’s not working,’ and explain your issue.

Contact Instagram Service Support to report Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed.

If your Insta feed is not updating after using the solution stated above, you can contact Instagram customer service. Here is how to go about it:

  • Go to your Instagram profile, now go to settings. Tap on help & then click on report a problem.
  • Write down your problem & use “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” as the subject of the complaint.

Here’s an official Instagram post on how to report technical issues on Instagram.

Report Instagram

Wrapping Up

In this article, we saw why Instagram couldn’t refresh the feed & its possible solution. If the “Instagram couldn’t refresh feed” issue remains after you’ve tried the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed solutions provided above, it’s likely that Instagram is temporarily down. To verify the current situation of Insta, go to any internet browser and check it online.

Any of the above approaches will not work if Instagram is down. In this situation,  you can  only “wait.” If you accidentally used anything inappropriate in the comment thread, remove it right away and reload the app, and don’t use any other undesirable or unneeded symbols on the comments page. If you’ve already done so, you should delete it.

Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed Infographics

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