How To Change The Minecraft Tick Speed And What’s The Best Tick Speed?

You can always change the Minecraft tick speed, but far too many Minecraft players don’t know how they can actually do it. Talks Corner has brought to you an explanation on how to change the Minecraft tick speed.

By setting things using /gamerule randomtickspeed, you can access Minecraft settings you are not able to adjust usually.

This technique can be used to adjust the various settings, but we are specifically focusing on changing the tick speed.

There is only one option to alter the Minecraft tick speed which is random tick speed only. However, you cannot change the original tick speed per second, which has been by default set to 20. The tick rate does affect the random ticks of the blocks i.e. the number of blocks selected at random per chunk.

How Do You Change The Minecraft Tick Speed?

A suitable method for changing the tick speed command is to customize your current game. If you want your plants to grow faster, enter a higher number than the average Minecraft tick speed after the command.

You can change the tick speed in Minecraft and Minecraft pocket edition in the following ways discussed below. Meanwhile, you can also read our article on How To Hatch Turtle Eggs In Minecraft.

Turn On Cheating

It is necessary to enable cheats in Minecraft to change Minecraft tick speed. Having the ability to use commands is the primary purpose of allowing cheats. Follow the steps given below to activate cheat:

  1. Add a new world to the game
  2. Simply choose Cheats from the game menu
  3. If the option is off, it needs to be turned on

Open Up The Chat Window

You can now start the chat window after turning on the customizing feature. There might be differences in the process based on the device.

If you are a PC or Mac user, simply tap the ‘T’ key on your keyboard to launch the chat window. On the other hand, in the case of the Minecraft pocket edition, you will get to see the chat window at the top of your screen.

The chat window can be launched using a controller while playing Minecraft on a console such as a PS4, PS5, or Xbox. Right-click the D-pad.

However, on Nintendo, you should tap the arrow button to open the chat window or go to an anonymous parity window.

Minecraft also has a new update on the Minecraft chat window, you can read the details by clicking on the link.

Enter The Command

Insert the command into the chat window once it appears. /gamerule randomTickSpeed will change the Minecraft tick speed to a new one.

/gamerule randomTickSpeed 60 is the command to be used if you want the speed to be 60.

What Is Random Minecraft Tick Speed?

Try not to change the original or default random tick speed in Minecraft if you are unaware of how it works or how different commands affect the setting. Just keep in mind that if you change the setting you might be unable to continue playing the game.

A random Minecraft tick speed of three, for instance, is the default setting. Changing the original random tick speed to 15 increases plant growth, leaves decay, fire spreads, etc by five times.

What Is The Default Minecraft Tick Speed?

One game tick equals one second in Minecraft. Minecraft defaults to a tick speed of 20 ticks per second. There are 0.05 ticks every second. A tick in Minecraft represents an advancement or an update. Each Minecraft day has 24000 ticks.

This would take about twenty minutes in real-time. You can view the TPS preset value in the game by pressing ALT + F3.

The spread of fire, the growth, and the decay of plants or leaves are just some of the random features in Minecraft. The Java Edition provides a unique feature called “random ticks.” The default speed of in java edition random ticking is 3. There is just one Minecraft tick speed in Bedrock Edition.

What Is The Best Minecraft Tick Speed?

There are many changes or advances to the game after every tick. The positions of moving objects, decaying of leaves, and plants change over time. As the Minecraft tick speed increases, the decay as well as the growth rate increases.

When the tick speed is set to 0, the random ticks will be disabled. If you really want to increase the speed we recommend you to go three times the original speed. Set it to a value of 6 to 8 if you want to get things done in haste.

Please remember that increasing the Minecraft tick speed will cause the cheats to become active, as well as removing your trophies.

Which Minecraft Tick Speed Is The Fastest?

Speed commands are limited to 255. The recommended maximum speed may not be sufficient if you wish to increase the speed.

Does Tick Speed Affect Animal Growth?

The answer would be, No.

It only affects plants when it comes to tick speed. Animals grow consistently, regardless of their new speed.

The time required to speed up Minecraft should be considered when changing Minecraft tick speed. A second in Minecraft is equivalent to 1.12 minutes in reality.

A change in Minecraft tick speed will only affect blocks per chunk. As an example, the new speed of ticks on grass blocks will affect only the streets nearby, not all of them.

These changes in the tick speed have no impact on animals, thanks to this concept.


It is always helpful to know a few game insights and know-how on how to change the Minecraft tick speed settings.

In addition, you should always consider the commands and settings like /gamerule randomtickspeed you can change & the things you can’t change.

Having realistic expectations will save your time and energy, as well as prevent harm due to your overly optimistic expectations.

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