Fix PS4 No Sound Issues, Also Solve HDMI Port Issues & Update PS4

PlayStation is a Sony product & is probably the most loved product by gamers all over the world. But sometimes. when you plug in your PS4, there’s no sound.

There can be a number of reasons for PS4 no sound. Do you face a similar problem? What exactly is the issue? Is it possible that there’s a problem with the audio format or controls, or is it due to the sound hardware problem itself?

In this article, we’ll have a look at some common reasons for a PS4 not having sound. Furthermore, we’ll guide you through a few steps that may assist you in restoring the sound to your PS4 console.

Causes Of PS4 No Sound

If your PS4 displays video but no sound, the most common cause is a faulty setup. If not, there can be a few other things you can look into.

Incorrect Input To The Display

If you do not choose the correct “input” or “source” in the TV, there will often be missing visuals and sound. To address the PS4 no sound issue, you should try all inputs on the TV’s remote.

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Incorrect Input To The Display

HDMI or Port/Hardware Issues

This is one of the main factors that contribute to ps4 no sound. Because the metallic connectors in the HDMI port are bent, the plug sometimes is not inserted appropriately into the system. This may be because of the HDMI port connections, which can be stuck to the bottom of the HDMI port.

Therefore, you should double-check that the HDMI cable you have is in good functioning order to avoid the audio issue. Try connecting the HDMI to another console to verify if the audio signals are properly transmitted.

HDMI or Port/Hardware Issues

Corrupted Games

It could also be due to a faulty game/app update which creates problems with the system files, preventing certain drivers from working.

This is typically a system issue that may be resolved by reconstructing the PS4 directory or simply resetting the PS4 with a new software re-installation. Having no sound also signals faulty sound devices, which can be a headset or speakers.

Corrupted Games

Fixes For PS4 No Sound Issue

If your PS4 has no sound, you can try each of the methods listed below one after another to discover which one works for your PS4.

These fixes are applicable if your issue is;

  • in headset
  • on monitor
  • on startup

Fix For PS4 No Sound In Headset

  • First of all, to change the headphone setting, disconnect the PS4 headset, obliterate the MIC boom out of the headsets, and then reconnect the mic boom.
  • Now plug your PS4 controller’s headphones back in.
  • Now, connect your headset to your smartphone to see whether it works.

Fix For PS4 No Sound In Headset

Fix For PS4 No Sound On Monitor

  • Turn off both the PS4 and the TV.
  • Disconnect your HDMI and power cables for a few minutes.
  • Inspect your cables as well as the ports on the devices that they connect to. If there’s anything unwanted, remove it.
  • Re-plug the cable and double-check that the plugs are appropriately put into sockets.
  • Now restart your PS4 and also the monitor.

Fix For PS4 No Sound On Monitor

Make Sure Your Devices Are Connected

We do not double-check our device connection in certain cases, resulting in ps4 no sound on a monitor or on startup.

There are two groups of users: TV viewers and headset wearers. You will not need a headphone for sound when you’re using an HDMI-connected TV.

On the television, speakers are already there. So, you’ll need an additional headset or speaker.

Changing The Display’s Input

  • If your PS4 has no sound, it might have a signal problem. Switching the input signals will fix the PS4 sound problem.
  • If your PS4 is attached to the HDMI 2 port, you can change the input to HDMI 1 and then to HDMI 2.
  • Refresh the game once you’ve attempted the solution to see whether it now works. If the PS4 still has a problem with audio output, move on to the next solution.

Changing The Display's Input

Update System Software

The remote play PS4 no sound issue can potentially be caused by outdated system software. In this condition, the only way to fix the remote play PS4 no sound problem is to upgrade the system software.

  • Go to your PS4 system’s home screen.
  • Next, go to the game controller, and press the Up button to move to a specific location.
  • From the top bar, select the Settings option.
  •  Select System Software Update from the drop-down menu.

The whole process may take some time, but we hope to solve your remote play PS4’s no sound issue. As soon as your system is updated, restart your ps4 & run a game to see if the problem is solved.

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Update System Software

Configure Your PS4’s Audio Device Settings

If you are facing PS4 no sound in the headset, you should check your audio device settings. This is how to set up your paired audio device’s configuration:

  • Go to the function tab PS4 system’s home screen via the up button on your game-pad.
  • Go to setting
  • Choose your audio devices.
  • Then choose Output to Headset, followed by All Audio.
  • Now restart your PS4 and play the game to test if the PS4 no sound issue has been resolved.

PS4's Audio Device Settings

Restore Default Setting

If the no sound issue still persists, try restoring the default setting. Here is how you do it;

  • Click on the Power button on-screen to turn off the console. Allow the power light to flicker a few times before proceeding.
  • Press the Power button until the system is completely turned off once you’ve noticed two beeps release the button.
  • Connect the DualShock4 console to the computer using a USB cable and click the PS key.
  • Restore Default Settings.

Restore Default Setting

Wrapping Up

If ps4 no sound issue persists after you’ve tested and tried everything aforementioned, and your ps4 has no sound, there might be a problem with the sound card.

You’ll need to get it checked by a skilled technician to have it fixed. But if your PS4 guarantee is still valid, you can go to the PS store or their official site to request a replacement and receive a completely new console.

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