Razer Synapse Not Opening Problem On Pc, Mac & window 10 resolved in 2022

Razer Synapse is used to adjust and personalize the settings of your Razer peripheral devices, such as Razer mouse, razer keyboard. Sometimes, you could encounter issues such as the Razer Synapse not opening in your personal computer.

Don’t worry. A lot of users have reported problems with the Razer Synapse is not opening and not working properly. However, it’s good news that you can resolve it by reading this article. Read further about the steps to fix the Razer Synapse Not Opening problem.

How to Fix Razer Synapse Not Opening issue:

Here are three solutions to fix the Razer Synapse Not Opening issue.

  • Close Razer Synapse processes
  • Perform a clean installation for your Razer Synapse Devices
  • Reinstall Razer Synapse driver on your personal computer

Fix 1: Close Razer Synapse Procedures

Razer Synapse not opening is difficult to determine due to the specific configurations and peripherals devices. When you launch in the Task Manager, you’ll see the Razer Synapse application running in the background.

Follow the steps given below to close the razer synapse driver running from the background:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to launch the Task Manager.
  2.  Below the Process tab, right-click on any Razer Synapse process and then click on End Task to close the driver.
  3. Restart Razer Synapse to determine the problem. If that doesn’t help, proceed to explore the options listed below.

Close Razer Synapse Procedures

Fix 2: Clean installation for your Razer Synapse Devices

If any Razer driver is out-of-date or damaged, the Razer Synapse not opening issue may occur. Keep an eye on these simple processes to ensure that you have the compatible driver connected for your Razer devices.

  1. Press the ‘Windows + R‘ key (simultaneously at the same time) from your keyboard to open the Run popup.
  2. Enter devmgmt.msc and click OK.
  3. Device Manager will be opened.
  4. Right Click on Razer synapse device.
  5. Uninstall all your Razer synapse devices.
  6. Attach your Razer synapse devices entirely back into your PC again, and windows will install its drivers on your pc automatically.

Clean installation for your Razer Synapse Devices

If Windows fails to reinstall the drivers, you can install them manually with Driver Easy Software. It’s a tool that detects, transfers, and puts in any driver according to your CPU requirements.

  1. Download and install Driver Easy.
  2.  Run the Driver and choose the “Scan now” key. Driver Easy will check your computer for missing drivers and also identify any driver issues.
  3.  Click to Update All to download and install the most current version of all the drivers that are either missing or not up-to-date on your system.

Driver Easy 2

4. Start Razer Synapse to test whether it’s working or not. If it’s working, then good! However, if you still can’t open Razer Synapse, Don’t abandon hope. Instead, you can move to Fix 3.

Driver Easy

Fix 3: Reinstall Razer Synapse into Your Computer

Razer Synapse not opening problems could occur when there’s a corruption issue with Razer Synapse within your system. In this instance, it’s necessary to comply with the steps below to install Razer Synapse to fix the Razer Synapse not opening issue:

1.) From your keyboard, press the window key to open the start menu.

2.) Type programs and features in the search bar.

3.) Right-click on Razer Synapse, and then uninstall the driver.

4.) Visit the official Razer Synapse website to download the most recent version of Razer Synapse. Then, download, install and launch the Razer Synapse to see if it works without any issue.

Reinstall Razer Synapse into Your Computer

Razer Synapse Not Detecting Devices

The software you are using may have a problem of not detecting devices due to any issue with your hardware.

If you’re using the damaged USB port, your keyboard won’t connect to your software. Additionally, device drivers are the biggest problem for these issues, and updating your device driver can aid in this problem.

Malware, viruses, incorrect software files, or harmful devices may be the reason for not recognizing the keyboard. Antivirus software may also block software from detecting your keyboard.

It is possible to experience issues like this if the driver for your device isn’t up-to-date and if you have a headset connecting to your pc, isn’t working correctly.

There are various reasons why the problem could arise. The program is often not working well due to one or two issues that stop the software’s processes. In the end, the program displays various issues and detects errors when it is running.

Download Razer Synapse3

Follow the steps below to download the new razer synapse 3 if you face the problem of Razer Synapse not opening.

  • Visit the Razer Synapse 3. Download page, and then click “Download Now.”
  • Start the installer.
  • Select “RAZER SYNAPSE.”
  • Click “INSTALL” to begin the installation process.
  • Select “GET STARTED” and make sure that “Launch Razer Synapse” is selected.
  • Congratulations! Your problem has been solved.

Download Razer Synapse3

Razer Synapse Not Opening’ Issue on Windows 10

Razer Synapse’s not opening issues are irritating, and hundreds of people are looking for ways to solve the problem as fast as they can.

Most users can fix the Razer Synapse not opening issue by updating the drivers to the most recent versions. However, if you’re in a position to fix the irritating software issue, try these solutions.

1- Close Razer Processes

2- Get Newest Windows Updates

3- Reinstall Razer Synapse Software

4- Turn off Antivirus & Windows Defender

Install Razer Synapse on Mac

  1. Visit the Razer Synapse 2.0 Download page, and then click on download.
  2. Execute the Razer Synapse 2.0 installer.
  3. Once the installer window is displayed, click “Next” to continue.
  4. Check Review and accept the terms and conditions, then click “Next“.
  5. Click “Install” to start the installation.
  6. Wait for the installation and then launch the program.

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Install Razer Synapse on Mac

Bottom Line

Razer Synapse is a great software to use. But it can often cause a Razer Synapse not opening, and various other complicated issues. However, the problems aren’t significant, and each of them can be solved by yourself easily.

It can be a problem that could ruin your running mood. But you can quickly solve the issue when you follow these steps.

Are you able to fix the Razer Synapse not opening problem? Which solution worked?

Let us know in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Razer Synapse a virus?

Razer Synapse isn't a virus, and it simply determines how your mouse or keyboard functions.

Why does my Razer Synapse refuse to start?

If Razer Synapse not opening and working, issues occur on your computer. It could be due to Razer drivers for the device. Therefore, it is recommended to reinstall both Razer device drivers and the Synapse software to solve the problem.

What can I do to fix the Razer Synapse not opening problem?

If Razer Synapse not opening and working, issues occur on your computer. It could be due to Razer drivers for the device. Hence, it is recommended to reinstall both Razer device drivers and the Synapse software to solve the problem.

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