Find If You Should Keep Terraria Frame Skip On Or Off

If you are done with terraria lags, you really need to learn about terraria frame skip.

Heard and am confused about what terraria skip mod is used for what it is used for and should it be turned on or off during your game yet?

Gone through Terraria wiki to find out the queries occurring in your head regarding what is this skip frame and also about terraria frame skip on or off?


Don’t worry you have reached the right place. I play terraria personally and searched all the terraria mods by myself.

So, no need to go anywhere, here you go with all you should know about frameskip terraria and how it Speeds Up Your Game Up to 2x.

Terraria Frame Skip

What Is Terraria Frame Skip?

Before we discuss Terraria frameskip, let’s talk about what is frame skipping?

Frame skipping helps the emulator bypass a certain amount of frames but still have the real-time game speed and performance.

It is an excellent option for PCs with slower processors. Using skipping frames, the CPU spends less time processing data, and emulation synchronization become more accurate. This helps the user to play games at a good speed even on low-end hardware.

Moving back to Terraria frameskip, it is a function from XNA. It skips unnecessary frames and improves performance by reducing the desynchronization problem in multiplayer.

Here to details:

There is no doubt that the most popular terraria gameplay offers blending elements of classic action games with the freedom of sandbox-style creativity, giving its users the most unique experience.

However, being a heavy game, most of the users complain about getting their systems hanged, slowed down, or stutter-heavy.

No matter how heavy the pc you use, it still gets slowed down after playing Terraria gameplay again and again.

The frameskip terraria mod helps you get rid of the situation.

When it is turned on, it simply skips many unused frames right away, and hence the speed and performance of your PC will boost instantly.


Severe framerate terraria fps drops when FrameSkip is on.

Your PC doesn’t need to process so many frames that are skipped and hence the less load handling simply makes it faster.

Not everyone can be at 60 FPS anyway, so why not just terraria fps drop the extra weight, and run better at 30?

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Why Keep The Terraria Frame Skip On?

  • You find auto features like an auto hammer or solidify.
  • Increased framerate.
  • Skips unnecessary frames.
  • Increased game performance up to 2X.

Can You Keep Terraria Frame Skip Off?

Yes, it is not necessary and one can keep the terraria skip on or off.

If you are facing slowed PC speed or bad performance in the game, you can turn on terraria skip frames.

However, if you are already enjoying 60 fps speed, you can keep terraria frame skip off.

Terraria Optimization

If you have been playing the Terraria without optimization & facing some issues like poor performance & low quality, it’s common. We recommend you improve your FPs caps (including lighting, background, multicore lighting, resolution, frameskip, and parallax), and lag spikes. Here is how you can do Terraria optimization.

FPs Caps

FPs Caps


Below are the available options to optimize the lighting;

  • Normal: High-quality lighting
  • White: Removes background-color elements
  • Trippy: Low-quality setting & you’ll not see any noticeable difference.
  • Retro: Low-quality light setting


Do not go to auto-mode at all. Experiment with different settings & go for the one that you like the best.


Simply turn off the background setting for best results.

Frame Skip

Keep it ON in order to play the game smoothly or the visuals will overcome the entire game & reduce the game speed.


Do not play in lower resolution or it’ll increase the FPs caps.


Keep this setting maximum to move the background 100% with your movement.

Multicore Lighting

If you are facing any issue regarding lag spikes, you can experiment with multicore lighting since it has a lot to do with precursors.

Terraria Frame Skip Lag

Many people complain about mouse legging when Terraria Skip is turned on. In reality, the mouse does not render frames but there can be many reasons behind the lagging, such as:

  • Faulty drivers
  • Window settings issues
  • Low frame rate
  • Improper mouse acceleration

To overcome this, you simply can troubleshoot or change the mouse settings.

Terraria Frame Skip Lag

Terraria Quick Wall Replace

When it comes to Terraria quick wall replace or break, you can use both hammer or explosives.

Many different wall types are available as objects that the gamer may store in his collection and afterward re-use in any region that lacks walls.

How Terraria quick wall replaces works, mainly depends on the wall type a player is using. There are two types of walls available;

  • Safe walls; Safe walls stop adversaries from fostering.
  • Unsafe Walls; These are normally not used by the gamer. Unsafe walls do not prevent opponents from sprouting and can’t be used in any houses.

Terraria Quick Wall Replace

In A Nutshell

This is all about terraria frame skip. I hope the queries in your mind must have been cleared but if you still have any questions, feel free to comment below for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Resolution For Terraria?

Playing in lower resolution can lead to maximizing the FPs. This will decrease the clarity especially if you are playing the game on a phone with 800 x 600 available. It is always suggested to play the game with higher resolution & reduce it only if necessary.

How To Zoom Out In Terraria?

Zooming out in the Terraria is not difficult at all. You only need to press the “-” button. That’s it!

How To Zoom In Terraria?

Just like zoom out, zoom in is also a breeze. All you need is to press “+” until you achieve the desired results.

How To Save In Terraria?

Once you are done playing, press “pause” and choose “Exit to the main menu”. Now press the “back/home button/or the back button on your device” & select “yes”. This saves the games & ensures that the game is properly closed.

How To Pause In Terraria?

There are two different ways to pause in Terraria; Press alt-tab Or Click out the game To auto-pause the game, go to inventory, open settings & click on the auto-pause.

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