Prepare The Best Turmeric Juice & Turmeric Juice Shots With Our Guide

Fresh Turmeric juice is a special plan to admire the flavor and advantages of turmeric. In this article, we will teach you how to juice turmeric. You will also make turmeric shots by using simple kitchen appliances. Now cheer with us and welcome the energetic turmeric invention with us! Turmeric juice is a savory morning pack. However, it is an energy jolt for the evening too. It is rich in useful minerals, vitamins, and cancer preventive agents.

Turmeric Juice Benefits

Right now, turmeric is very popular in the health and fitness area. Its proposed medical advantages are credible when using this juice recipe!  From psoriasis to dermatitis, turmeric is useful in various skin scars. It is a healing elixir and may look after homeostasis, the stuff like glucose and cholesterol levels. However, using turmeric juice is considered an incredible mitigating and assisting with various roles in the body. It is also helpful in kidney problems. Moreover, Adding fresh milk to turmeric extract is good for inflammation. Its anti-inflammatory benefits relieve body pain a few times.

Among turmeric juice benefits, it also has soothing features that help after pain. These comforting features appear from curcumin, which is the healthy element in turmeric. The above-given recipe of turmeric and lemon juice for weight loss is quite essential in stubborn fat loss. You can add cherry instead of orange. Blending turmeric with pepper and a portion of healthy fat serves as the ideal trifecta.

Here is the reason:

Black pepper helps our bodies pull a greater amount of the valuable curcuminoids from turmeric, and fat may assist with expanding the curcumin in our bodies. We hope these turmeric juice benefits are enough to add this powerful drink to your diet.

Turmeric Juice Benefits

How To Make Turmeric Juice?

Turmeric juice recipe requires around 20 minutes to meet up and requires simple ingredients. Let us have yummy turmeric juice!

How To Make Turmeric Juice In Blender?

You can carry a blender, a juicer, or even a slug blender to make this juice recipe. When we make only 1 glass of juice, we throw all ingredients in our shot blender. In any case, for bigger clusters, we depend on our reliable mixing.

Recipe Of Turmeric Ginger And Turmeric Orange Juice


  • 3– 4″ turmeric golden root pieces (unpeeled, 75 grams)
  • 2″ of fresh or 1 tbsp ground ginger
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice or lime (1/2 lemon)
  • 1 little orange (4 mandarins)
  • 250ml water
  • 2 tbsp honey (any sweetener like maple syrup)
  • 1-2 pinch Crushed black pepper


In turmeric ginger juice, we will strip the turmeric and ginger before mixing them whole into juice. We will try this in two ways (stripped and unpeeled). Thus we haven’t seen a contrast in this way of turmeric juice recipes. As you know, turmeric and ginger both are underground grownups. They can have a lot of debris on the skin.

If you decide not to strip them to save time, make certain to wash and clean them all together. It will eliminate any soil, debris, and germs.

After peeling turmeric and ginger, add them with the rest of the ingredients to your juicer.

  1. If making it in a blender, prepare the mixture of raw ginger and turmeric. After it, stir lemon extract, pepper, and honey into the cup of water and add this compound to the mixture you have prepared.
  2. If you are making turmeric juice recipes in bullet processors: put all ingredients of turmeric ginger juice in the blender and mix until smooth. Drain it through a strainer or fine piece of cloth to strain and separate the brew. It is also called turmeric and lemon juice for weight loss. Now, what about beet ginger turmeric juice? In the same way, you can make turmeric beet ginger juice. It is highly effective for beauty and health purposes.

How To Make Carrot Turmeric Juice?

Add Fruits like Pineapple, Orange, or Carrot to Your Juice recipes! The young generation now loves to make turmeric orange juice. You can find these things around easily. However, they add gentle, normal pleasantness that gives a consistent quality.

Yet, carrot turmeric juice or turmeric and pineapple juice keep an ultra-brilliant color, lovely blend, and give your health support. Some vegan lovers prefer carrots with turmeric. If you lean toward carrots or pineapple instead of oranges, go ahead and enjoy your favorite one!

How To Make Carrot Turmeric Juice

How To Prepare Turmeric Juice Shot?

Making a turmeric juice shot is similar to making turmeric juice. We will limit water quantity here only. Yet, we skip sugar in turmeric shots. However, it is up to your choice. Follow a similar method that we used above. Set up the ingredients in your juicer or blender. Add 175ml water rather than 250ml water to make turmeric shots. Now your juice shot is prepared! You can pour it even in a glass. Or, on the other hand, you can add them to smoothies or tea in the first part of the day.

How To Prepare Turmeric Juice Shot

Can We Use Ground Turmeric Instead Of Fresh?

You can’t access fresh turmeric everywhere globally. Try another way of making turmeric juice with the help of ground turmeric powder. The flavor of fresh juice is tastier than ground turmeric, but powder turmeric works too. If you make turmeric juice or turmeric shots with ground turmeric, add 2tbsp ground turmeric and 1tbsp ground ginger. Steep this in steaming hot water for 5-10 minutes. Now, strain to eliminate the powder.

Using a filter is a simple way to strain the residues of ground turmeric and ginger. With this, you will get a smooth drink with no dirt or pale debris.

Ground turmeric juice or shots bring fewer advantages as compared to fresh. It’s a more thin consistency. It’s light, similar to water contrasted with an organic product juice. You can also pour coconut milk and water. It will assist with ground turmeric squeeze with more energy in the body.

Storage Instructions For Turmeric Juice

How To Store In Fridge?

Fresh squeeze is best burned through as a result. As time goes by, the supplements will exhaust or oxidize. Therefore, it’s ideal to finish the turmeric juice within a week, as the taste of the turmeric may change if kept in the fridge for a much longer time. However, it would be fresh for about fourteen days. Keep it in an airtight container. Please give it a decent shake before drinking.

How To Store In Refrigerator?

  1. Pour the juice into an ice cube mold to reserve it.
  2. Freeze these turmeric cubes for up to half a year.
  3. When making juice, take it out from the refrigerator and defrost.
  4. After it melts, mix it into frozen smoothies.

Life Hacking Tips For Turmeric Juice

  1. Turmeric will stain your hands, nails, counter, cutting sheets, and utensils! You need gloves for doing all the prep.
  2. A bullet blender works best for turmeric shots as there is a modest quantity of fluid. The quantity of the ingredients can also be increased. It will fulfill the limit needed for smooth mixing to make turmeric shots in your blender.
  3. You can also use grapefruit instead of orange.
  4. We think the following ways are easiest to strip fresh ginger and turmeric.
  5. Cut the little stubs and bunches off to get exact and smooth pieces
  6. Cut the pithy base of the root.
  7. Eliminate the delicate, papery skin by scratching the spoon to and fro across the pieces.

Final Words

In case you dive into these flavors, We bet you will cherish these health shots! And if you are searching for comparable advantages with a less exceptional nibble as the ginger can be extreme for someone, try our carrot juice recipe. You will feel pleasant.

Those who will try these turmeric juices recipes must give us feedback! Cheers, companions!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is turmeric juice good for?

Turmeric Juice is food for your health. It is anti-inflammatory and good for healing any wound from your body. It helps in cleaning your body and reduces the chances of allergy.

Can I drink turmeric juice every day?

Yes, you can drink turmeric juice daily according to your body requirements, but you must take a lite dose because excess of everything is bad.

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