Turmeric Substitute | Add Seasoning, Color And Aroma To Your Foods

Do you ever think what if turmeric ended up in your kitchen and you are suddenly going to prepare meals? Don’t worry! In this piece of info, we are going to tell you some wonderful hacks for turmeric substitute in your meals. So stay tuned with this blog!

Turmeric is a blooming plant having a place with the ginger family. People use it in their meal plans while cooking. While growing, it requires temperatures between 200 – 300C with a lot of water to sprout. This current plant’s rhizomes are bubbled in water, dried, and afterward ground into an orangish-yellow powder. People normally use this powder to enhance the color of their meal and bring seasoning in cooking. However, people often use turmeric as a substitute where they require it.

Turmeric has a warm, sour, and peppery taste on the tongue and a fragrance like natural mustard. Its surface is slick because of the great curcumin enclosed in it. This curcumin brings color to your food. Aside from its utilization in culinary, it has many medical advantages and can also be used in coloring textures. In addition, turmeric has a solid mitigating impact.

Before you hit a signal for not having turmeric at home, please inquire whether you truly need it. For example, do you require color or a flavor with turmeric properties? Then, let us see some color and flavor substitutes for turmeric.

Turmeric Substitute Flavor

Turmeric Substitute For Ginger

How might we discuss turmeric without referencing its popular cousin, ginger? A mainstream, sweet aromatic spice from Asian cooking styles! Without much of a stretch, Ginger can make up for the shortfall of turmeric in your food. What we burn through is the foundation of the Zingiber official plant. Thus, you can discover ginger in the market as a fresh vegetable, just as powdered, dried, solidified, and salted structures. Like turmeric, it packs huge loads of sound supplements, which help in battling acid reflux, sickness, muscle tissues, and significantly more. You may consider remembering this fresh substitute flavor for your diet to lift your protection.

As a turmeric substitute, you can also use ginger powder to marinate vegetables, meats, and get ready sauces. In case you’re utilizing raw ginger, ensure you hack the pieces as slim as could be expected. Biting into a lump while having dinner can be an awful encounter!

Turmeric Substitute For Ginger

Turmeric Substitute Cumin, The Tasteful Replacement For Turmeric

Cumin is accessible as whole seeds and in-ground structure. Individuals normally fry the seeds in hot oil for several minutes before adding vegetables or stock. This technique is strictly continued in Indian cooking, especially in the arrangement of lentil soup. It functions admirably with cauliflower, potatoes, and distinctive curry plans. Also, you can use cumin-tempered oil as a dressing to embellish vegan soups and plates of mixed greens. It brings a change from a boring dish into something shockingly tasty.

If you want turmeric to substitute cumin, Using ground cumin is a good idea. Dry rub the zest preceding cooking or mix it while making sauces and flavors. There is another energizing method to capitalize on this flavor. Broil a small bunch of whole seeds for two or three minutes and griund them into a powder. Broiling actuates the oils and delivers a delightful smell. You can use turmeric substitute cumin powder by sprinkling it on spiced eggs, mixed greens, soups, or pretty much anything!

Turmeric Substitute Cumin

Curry Powder

This powder was in a real sense imagined by the British to reproduce the kinds of Indian food. Individuals, in general, confound the curry powder with the Indian curry formula. The Indian curry is a saucy dish with vegetables or meat, making no utilization at all of this zest.

Presently returning to the powder, it mixes various ingredients like fennel, mustard, cumin, cardamom, and turmeric! You can add it to prepare the yummiest pumpkin pie spice. The specific kind of curry powder fluctuates, relying upon the flavor mix followed by various brands. In any case, one steady ingredient is a radiant yellow zest. Those who ask can I substitute curry powder for turmeric. Listen, it makes curry powder an incredible turmeric substitute for Curry, both as far as shading and flavor.

Blend a teaspoon of curry powder into a tablespoon of stock, coconut milk, or plain water to make Ricotta Cheese slurry recipes. Add this to the formula towards the start of the cooking recipe. It permits the flavors to mix appropriately with different ingredients, giving your feast that Indian curry taste.

Curry Powder

Garam Masala, A Spicy Turmeric Substitute

Presently, this is the thing that valid Indian people use. The name is interpreted as “hot flavors” and is a mix of cumin, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper. You can use it as a flavor substitute for turmeric. Contrasted with curry powder, garam masala has a more robust and spicier flavor and should be used in lesser amounts. Follow a similar method of weakening the zest in a tablespoon of fluid and adding it to your dish.

Like cumin, cooking the full flavors and afterward crushing them will give you a superior flavor. The DIY adaptation purposes are better than the locally acquired flavor quickly.

Garam Masala, A Spicy Turmeric Substitute

Turmeric Substitute For Color

There are many substitutes to enhance the color of your food against turmeric.

For Saffron

Something in particular about this mysterious flavor causes using it to feel like a noble encounter! It is a costly food item for about $3000 per pound. During the Bronze age, people in Greece used saffron for their beauty.  Cleopatra scrubbed down a female horse’s milk which was injected with Saffron. However, Minoan ladies used it to color their fur garments. Traditional people like Saffron tea in their gatherings. Fortunately for us, a couple of strands of Saffron is sufficient to add shading and smell to a dish. Because of its rich, brilliant tint, Saffron is a superb turmeric substitute if shading is the thing that you’re searching for.


For Dry Mustard

Certain minerals in mustard contain calming properties, which can help mitigate side effects of joint pain, asthma, and headache. There are 3 kinds of Mustard seeds; yellow, brown, and black. The mix in which they are used brings about the different kinds of mustard. Its taste shifts from sweet, hot to somewhat fragrant. Preceding cooking, you can sprinkle powdered mustard on meat, fish, or vegetables.

You may set up a paste by adding a little water and using it for planning flavors. We use mustard for turmeric alternatives in sauces, ingredients, or plunge. Moreover, you can proficiently add it into soups for dinner. However, mustard will give an excellent color and aroma to your meals. Perfect for dry mustard is waiting for your dishes. Ensure you change the measure of mustard according to your capacity to bear its flavor. On the whole mustard powder is the best color substitute for turmeric.

Dry Mustard

Paprika | An Aromatic Substitute

Paprika is quite possibly the most well-known of all flavors. You’re certain to have some assortment concealed in your kitchen cupboard.  At first, individuals used paprika for its therapeutic worth and color before making its presence in the kitchen. It became a distinct ingredient in Spanish, Hungarian, American, and the world’s diverse cooking ways. It has a vibrant smoked flavor. We bet you like it in your courses. You can add it as a substitute for your legumes and meat. You can mix it into your sauces. It packs in an incredible punch and is a primary element for making goulash.


Some Other Alternatives To Turmeric Flavor

For Flavoring In Pickles

Turmeric mostly fills the color needed in pickles. It delivers a distinctive yellow tone. However, pickles would come out brownish when getting ready. The ingredients can fill a similar need as a substitute for turmeric in pickles incorporated, Saffron, Annatto, or Safflower. They are altogether acceptable substitutes of turmeric in color.

Substitute For Turmeric In Soups

Turmeric is like smoked paprika blended in with mace in color, surface, and flavor. Smoked paprika blended in with mace is a decent substitute in soups. The rosy tone and musky paprika blend in with the mace’s sweet-smelling flavors to deliver a similar impact as turmeric.

Substitute for Turmeric in Rice

Yellow rice is white rice in which the tone has been changed. It is accomplished by adding turmeric to the rice. Turmeric is yellow rice that can undoubtedly be subbed with saffron to accomplish the color impact.

Clinical and Beauty Benefits of Turmeric

Many clinical practices used turmeric as 4000 years prior. Ongoing studies show that specific synthetic substances in turmeric have mitigating, antibacterial, and surprisingly hostile to malignant growth properties. Among its medical advantages, turmeric helps address stomach issues like dyspepsia, soreness, anti-inflammatory, and spasms. People in Asia use turmeric face masks for their skin conditions like inflammation, acne, pigmentation, and tanning. However, due to its unlimited advantages, turmeric is the most useful thing in your kitchen.

Beauty Benefits of Turmeric


The above shown spices add flavor and shading to cooking. When necessary and searching for a turmeric substitute, you can browse these ingredients. If you are after flavor and color, turmeric substitute for Saffron should be your best option. However, if you need just the flavor, cumin and ginger can get the job done. They can’t create the tone delivered by turmeric. Yet, they are acceptable substitutes for flavor.

You don’t have to observe any hard modes in cooking with substitutes. The shortfall of a solitary zest doesn’t mean you need to abandon the formula. The basic highlight of turmeric is its tone. You can use various flavors as turmeric alternatives. Verify the nearest choices that you have in your storeroom and analysis with them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cumin the same as turmeric?

Cumin is different in shape and color; however, the flavor of cumin is the same as turmeric.

Can you replace turmeric with ginger?

Yes, you can replace turmeric with ginger. Ginger is considered the best replacement for turmeric.

Is Turmeric the same as curry powder?

Yes, turmeric looks the same as curry powder in color and texture. Therefore, you can use curry powder as the color and flavor replacement of turmeric.

What does turmeric taste like?

In taste, it is natural and repulsive, quite musky and peppery. However, it gives an immense flavor to your dishes.

Can I use cumin instead of turmeric?

Indeed, cumin is the best flavor replacement for turmeric. You can use it in curry, soups, and even gravy.

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