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Call of duty videogame series has been around for years and its popularity is never-ending. Now that its 6th season call of duty; Vanguard has come out, it attracted flocks of shooting game enthusiasts. To enjoy the game and its features to their fullest, we are here with warzone bunker codes and their locations.

Warzone Bunker Codes & Locations

Let us make you familiarize with the bunkers which need the warzone bunker codes season 6 to open up.  These codes work as a password in the game to enhance the fun. For COD bunker codes, read the article to the end.

Prison Bunker

This bunker is inside a building that can be found moving west of the Zordaya prison. 72948531 is the code for this bunker. The given warzone bunker codes remain the same for every player and while you are at it, unlock the bunker and enjoy the reward lying there.

Prison Bunker

Farmland Bunker

This bunker is present under the stairs of the largest building on the farm. Look for the building and you will find the keypad for the password in the basement. The farmland bunker password is 49285163.

Farmland Bunker

The Junkyard Bunkers

There are a total of two bunkers in the junkyard which are quite close to each other. However, they are opened via two different warzone bunker codes.

The code for the north junkyard bunker is 87624851.

For availing south junkyard bunker, you need to go down the stairs. This is present south of the junkyard and 97264138 is the password you need to put in the keypad.

The Junkyard Bunkers

TV Station Bunker

This is a small building which can be found on the east side of the TV station. It can be easily found on the map. The code for unlocking the TV station bunker is  27495810.

TV Station Bunker

Park Hill Bunker

The bunker is found on the hill, standing between the tavorsk park and styor spomenik. It is opened without a password but the goodies inside are locked. To get the rewards, you need to add the code 60274513 on the keypad present there.

The above-stated warzone bunker codes are the same for all players. Save them to use while playing.

Park Hill Bunker

Bunkers Requiring Red Access Card

These are a total of 12 bunkers; their locations are described below. They do not need warzone bunker codes but are opened with reading access cards.


This bunker is present on the shore south of Promenade West. To unlock this hole, descend down the mountainside to find this hidden bunker.


Head to the southwest side of the Boneyard or to the north of the go-kart track, you will find the bunker. Access it with your red access card rather than any of warzone bunker codes. 


Proceed the route north from the 01 bunkers.


It is present next to bunker 02, but there is a trap door that you must cross to access the bunker. There is no bunker 3 code warzone as it is opened via Red Access Card. 


Go to the southeast direction of the dam, this bunker is located in the cliff beneath the large Russian board. 


Head towards the trash Site’s western side. 


On the extreme east of the map, above the railroad tunnel, between Quarry and Lumber, 05 bunker is present there. 


Go to the east of the TV station and to the northeast of the stadium, find a different trap door to get inside the reward hole. 


Move down the staircase inside bunker 08, present right across the bunker 7


To the Northeast side of the prison, below the bridge, this bunker is built into the mountain. No warzone bunker codes are needed as stated above. 


On Verdansk’s southern outskirts and the south of Tavorsk Park, bunker 10 will be found. 


This is a hidden bunker that has an easter egg inside its walls. It is a special bunker with a Mud Dauber blueprint inside it along with a minigun and a lot of treasure.

New Bunkers of 6th Season

These bunkers do not need warzone bunker codes or red access cards. Al, you need to do is find them.

Bunker of the Boneyard

Navigate to the Boneyard and locate the red canisters near the graveyard.

Bunker of the Boneyard

Airport Bunker

Look for the red boxes towards the runway threshold, at the airport’s eastern side to avail this bunker.

Airport Bunker

Array Bunker

Towards the south direction of the salt mine, a hole is presently leading towards this bunker.

Array Bunker


Bunkers in Call of Duty season 6 are quite important. there is loot, treasure, cash, weapons, and much more to make the game exciting to its full extent. 

Different warzone bunker codes and red access cards are employed to open the bunkers. however, there are also some that require nothing to open. Just find them using the map and locations stated above and enjoy the goodies inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the code for bunker 00?

There is no code for 00 bunkers as it is unlocked through the Red Access Card.

What is the code for bunker 11 warzone?

Bunker 11 is a special hole with a lot of valuable rewards. The bunker is unlocked with a code of 346.

What is the code for bunker 2?

Bunker 2 is unlocked via Red Access Card. Warzone bunker codes are useless for this.

What's the access code for the stadium?

The stadium bunker is distinct from others. Its access code is randomly generated and the players need three access cards to unlock the bunker. As one player can have only one card at a time, there should be 3 players working together to get the reward in this bunker. Warzone bunker codes are not needed here.

How do I open the bunker in Warzone?

Some bunkers need warzone access codes while others are unlocked through red access cards. Still, there are some which are accessible without anything.

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