Why Is Apple So Expensive? | Are Apple Products Really Worth Prices?

In this world of technology, we buy all sorts of products and gadgets but when it comes to Apple, iPhones, or Macs, the prices are unmatchable. In this very article, we will discuss why is Apple so expensive, are they really worth the prices? and how Apple comes clean with these excessive prices. So make sure you read completely.

It’s obvious that whenever we talk about iPhones or iPads or Macs, it’s predetermined that we are talking about an expensive brand and accept our fate. But have you ever wondered why it is so? Who decides these prices; Apple? Does Apple want to make more profits out of its products? Or there are some other hidden factors that are mostly ignored. Let’s start discussing it and investigate the facts.

Why Is Apple So Overpriced | Discussion And Comparison

First off, make it super clear that yes! You pay more just because it’s Apple. And when you buy Apple, don’t expect that you have bought an extraordinary world technology that no other brand or competitors offer. No doubt these are amazing products and justify their value, but at the same time, you are paying just for the logo of Apple and the brand itself. And it becomes simpler when you buy branded clothing from lavishing malls, you pay for the brands and their stores and the customer service quality they provide, don’t you? And you can buy if not the same but a little substandard thing from other lesser extravagant outlets. But that doesn’t mean those brands always justify the high prices. So the question of why is Apple so expensive might have become a little simpler. If not, we have more coming for you.

Apple vs Samsung | A Price Comparison

For instance, an iPhone 12 pro max with 512GB storage and 6GB RAM can cost you around $ 1,399.00 and at the same time a Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G with 512GB 12GB RAM costs around $ 1,249.00 as of June 2021. The iPhone might be better but it doesn’t mean that it vindicates that price. So now it might be clear that the Apple brand and logo are fairly included in this game of high prices.

Apple vs Samsung

How Apple Target Customers

One interesting point to notice is that you’ll never see Apple competing in the mid or lower-range market. Name any product, any category, Apple always competes in high-end classifications. For instance, consider Samsung, it also manufactures phones that are $200, but it’s uncommon that you’ll find an iPhone in that range. So any person may buy a Samsung phone but not an iPhone because it has established itself that way. And people have also developed an ‘expensive is good’ mindset. In my opinion, Apple is good but doesn’t come clean or justify these unmatchable prices all the time.


For sure Apple spends a lot on marketing including TV commercials as well. But one neglected factor is the iconic Apple stores. They are downtown, in the most luxurious areas, and with the most attractive outlets. And who pays for all these expenses? Obviously, it is from the profit they generate by selling their products. Long story short, it all comes down to our pockets. Justified to some extent. What are your opinions?

Apple’s Ecosystem

A place where everything is working super balanced is called an ecosystem. One thing that makes Apple so luxurious is Apple’s ecosystem. Apple manufactures phones, tablets, computers, laptops, smartwatches, and a number of other things. Apple knows human psychology very well, for instance, a person has an iPhone and buys also an iPad and a Macbook and surprisingly also procures an Apple Tv and also uses Apple’s smartwatch to track down his health. Now in this digital world, he connects his iPhone with a MacBook or with the tv, it’s pretty simple right but at the same time, he has fallen into an Apple’s net. If he considers upgrading any of the products, there’s a firm chance that he’ll opt for an Apple product because he has been surrounded by an Apple meshwork.

Meanwhile, you explore why is Apple so expensive, it will be interesting to know Apple history as well.

Apple’s Ecosystem

Apple’s Software | One Of The Reasons Why Apple Is So Expensive

While talking about the pricing, you notice that the Apple components or parts are always premium. They never compromise on the quality. Obviously, they do bend if you try to attempt. But considering quality, it’s always first-rate and class-leading. And this is one of the reasons for the high charging and that’s legitimate.

When using an android phone, there are millions of applications you get for free, and either you are using the latest android phone with a high amount of features or a substandard one, mostly you are using the same type of applications. Sometimes not even with a minimal tweak and so the cost of software is almost negligible. But when it comes to an Apple product, an iPhone, or iOS, they develop everything from scratch, and hence the cost of the software increases. It’s not just software but when you talk about iCloud, research, development, and maintenance, it costs Apple way more than we can think, and the efforts are a separate integral part. Apple spends far more on its products than we assume, a lot of things are behind the camera and the common public is not aware of it, this is one of the reasons Apple sometimes gets an unnecessary backlash because of not revealing all.

When discussing why is Apple so expensive, it’s for sure that Apple offers some features in which its competitors are still lacking. Let’s talk about some features which make Apple popular when compared to other brands.


If you are using an iPhone and you have opened up a website in chrome, but suddenly you decide and switch to your Mac. The moment you start using your laptop a notification pops up asking whether you want to continue surfing from where you left in your phone. Pretty amazing right!


Universal Clipboard

You received a message in your WhatsApp and for whatever reason, you want that piece of message in your Mac also. All you need to do is just copy that message and when you go near your laptop and click paste, that thing is on your computer. That’s charming!

Universal Clipboard

Cellular Calls

Your iPhone is at a distance to you and it is on silent mode and you are working on your Mac, don’t worry you’ll receive your calls on your laptop and you can answer those as well.

Cellular Calls

Auto Unlock

You are wearing an Apple watch and you go near any of your password-protected Apple products, it will unlock automatically. Makes life super simple, isn’t it?

Auto Unlock


You may have seen celebs and famous people mostly use Apple. But why is it so? Ya we very well know that they are rich people they are also one of the reasons why is Apple so expensive. They can afford the costs but it’s more than that. Privacy, yes Apple offers premium privacy. As some people are always behind the famous ones trying to leak or get access to their secrets, but Apple takes care of it a lot. It’s difficult to pry in someone’s digital life when they are on Apple products. Apple simply doesn’t share your information and reveals very less to itself also. These are just a handful of some of the popular features which you get after adding Apple products to your life. Their earpods connect super-fast, it takes moments to send anything from your iPhone to Mac and vice versa and the list goes on.


Why Is Apple Stand So Expensive? | What’s So special In It?

If you are thinking why is Apple so expensive and it’s just limited to phones and laptops only. Wait, Apple accessories are as expensive as their rivals. For instance, consider the Apple Pro Stand. A stand is just a thing that holds your monitor right and helps you position your screen. Then why is Apple charging $999.00 for their stands?

An honest point of view would be there’s nothing special in it. It’s just a simple stand that comes with even lesser features as compared to any $100 stand you can buy on amazon. This is the reason that Apple received a lot of criticism on the release of this monitor stand with this price tag.

Ending Note

Apple is not just brand new, it has developed itself as a premium high-quality make. And now when people use or buy Apple they just don’t want a gadget that satisfies their needs, that is mostly communicating with the world or performing tasks on a computer, but they want to make sure to themselves that they are using a premium high-quality product and it is true to some extent as well. And in this regard, the credit definitely goes to Apple for establishing this belief of excellence. What do you think? Are Apple products really worth the prices? And do you own an Apple product or have ever used it? Make sure to comment on your thoughts and opinions.

Why Is Apple So Expensive?

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